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Spectrio, a leader in digital signage software and solutions, has launched Enplug for Zoom Rooms, heralding a new era in workplace communication. This integration reimagines the role of idle screens in virtual meeting rooms, transforming them into active platforms for sharing information and enriching the employee experience.

See how Enplug for Zoom Rooms can breathe new life into your company’s screens while turning idle moments into engaging encounters. 

A Fresh Take on Workplace Communication

One of the core problems Enplug for Zoom Rooms solves is the underutilization of Zoom Rooms when not in active use for meetings or collaborations. Rather than leaving screens blank during downtime, this integration ensures they are continuously employed as practical communication tools. 

Spectrio’s Enplug platform, known for its robust content management toolkit, is at the heart of this integration, empowering businesses to deliver tailored experiences and dynamic content across their workplaces. By automatically displaying a mix of content, from meeting schedules and KPI dashboards to employee recognition notices, businesses can significantly improve engagement and reduce costs associated with manual content updates.

A Seamless Integration for Enhanced Engagement

Enplug for Zoom Rooms is available to:

  • Enplug users
  • Zoom Room users
  • Businesses looking for advanced digital signage solutions and employee engagement technology

Spectrio makes integrating Enplug for Zoom Rooms straightforward, allowing Zoom users to easily add this app-like feature to their accounts. Once set up, Zoom Rooms can automatically transition to display Enplug-powered content between active sessions. 

This seamless integration ensures that employees remain informed, engaged, and connected, aligning with Spectrio’s mission to redefine business communication with ease.

The Gold Standard in Employee Engagement Technology

With the introduction of Enplug for Zoom Rooms, Spectrio is setting a new standard in digital workplace communication. By transforming idle Zoom Rooms displays into dynamic information hubs, businesses can now foster a more engaging and informed workplace without any heavy lifting.

Interested in using Enplug for Zoom Rooms to enhance your employee engagement? Book a demo with Spectrio today to explore our digital signage software solutions.