What if you could hire an effective, non-stop salesperson — a salesperson who was always at your store during all of your open hours continuously selling, never taking a break, never getting tired, and never having to be paid. Well, you might be thinking that if you had a salesperson like that, you might find yourself in some legal trouble.

But this isn’t a dream scenario or a situation that will have lawyers coming for you. It’s a very real sales situation you can create by bringing digital signage into your store.

Meet Your Non-Stop Salesperson: Digital Signage

Digital screens that display useful product and service information can act as a continuous silent salesperson in your store or showroom. These multimedia signs serve a variety of purposes as they work to:

  • Interact with customers. A digital screen may not be an in-person sales staff, but that doesn’t mean it can’t engage in two-way communication. Interactive digital signs react to information provided by customers to deliver custom content that caters to their needs.
  • Initiate sales. You aren’t paying a commission to your digital screen so it may be hard to believe it could make sales. But a study by Forrester found that digital screens do initiate sales. One in five customers makes an unplanned purchase after seeing items featured on digital screens. 
  • Connect with customers who don’t like to be “sold to.” There is a growing category of customers who don’t like interact with salespeople. According to the Next Generation Car Buyer Study by, most Millennials will actually go out of their way to avoid salespeople because they dislike high-pressure sales tactics. Digital signs give these weary customers a chance to get the information they need without engaging with a salesperson.  
  • Educate apprehensive customers. The same customers who don’t want to talk a salesperson are often the same people who are skeptical of what a salesperson says. Customers, especially in the auto industry, are often apprehensive when making purchases of products they don’t know a lot about. Digital signage can decrease customer stress by educating customers so they understand what they are buying, why they need it, and what makes it different from other products or services.
  • Outperform static signs. If you think that digital screens won’t be effective at selling because you are currently using static signs without seeing an uptick in sales, you are mistaken. Digital signage is more effective in promoting items than static signs so you will see more sales with digital screens.
  • Tire-digital-signage.pngChange content depending on the situation. Good salespeople know how to tweak their messaging based on external elements. Digital signs do too. There is a way to customize digital signs so the content automatically changes based on the time, day, and even weather. When content parting is set up, the content on a sign will automatically adjust on a set schedule or when a change occurs. For example, a sign in an auto shop can be set to automatically change to snow tire content when it’s snowing outside.
  • Consistently catch customer attention. If you place a digital sign in your showroom, you can bet that your customers are going to see. According to a study by Forrester, over 80% of consumers watch programming on digital signage when present. It’s a platform that effectively catches the attention of four out of five shoppers in your store.
  • Always present your most current offerings and promotions. When your promotions and specials change, you need to inform your sales team and ensure that they are sharing all of the most relevant offerings to customers. But with digital signs, you never need to worry that they are sharing outdated information. You can easily update the content on a digital screen with just a few clicks, ensuring that your most current promotions are always on display.
  • Improve the appearance and environment of a showroom. A showroom layout can be enhanced by adding screens to walls and end caps as well as behind counters and in waiting areas. Screens improve the look of the store while showing customers that your brand cares about staying up-to-date with the latest technology and tools.
  • Represent your complete brand. Screens placed throughout your store deliver messages to your customers. They also communicate and reinforce your brand. Digital sign content is a reflection of your entire brand as it also includes branded logos, graphics, and frames that further highlight your brand and creating lasting impressions on customers.
  • Allow you to stand out from competitors. Digitals screens serve you and your business. And, they also serve your customers. Shoppers like to see digital signage and would rather visit locations that have it. An Online Testing eXchange report found that 41% of consumers said they would be more likely to visit a location because of the digital signage. By bringing this silent salesperson into your store, you stand out from competitors while giving customers what they want.

Upgrade Your Store’s Atmosphere

Digital signs are a powerful tool. They can upgrade your store’s atmosphere and environment all while acting as a continuous, silent salesperson — one who doesn’t require a salary, commission, benefits, or time off.You wouldn’t hesitate to hire such a valuable salesperson. So, why haven’t you made the move to bring digital signs into your showroom?

If it’s inexperience, intimidation, or questions about digital signage that are making you hesitate, don’t let that hold you back. Find out how you can bring this silent salesperson into your store by scheduling a free consultation with us today. We’ll discuss your budget and goals and give you the details on exactly what you need to do to bring digital signage to your showroom floor.