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If you haven’t embraced digital signage and are still airing regular cable channels in your waiting room or hanging static signs and menus along the walls of your business, there’s probably something you haven’t realized yet. Digital signs can do way more than you think.

It’s likely that you haven’t started using digital screens in your business yet because you don’t know all of the digital signage features and functions. You may not know the full power of this technology. Let’s look at some of the features offered by this flexible and valuable tool so you can see why you might be missing out by not using it.

1. Present Your Own “Branded TV Channel”

When you utilize custom digital signage, you no longer have to rely on network channels for waiting room content. You can create your own type of TV channel or private label TV by developing a playlist that includes only the content you know your audience wants to see. The channel can also feature your branding as you can place a frame around your content that includes your logo, brand colors, and custom messages. You don’t have to give up network programming when you create this type of channel either. From “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” to clips from the Speed Channel, you can build your own lineup by pulling content from national network shows and channels.

2. Eliminate Your Competitor’s Commercials

When you have complete control over the lineup of content airing on your digital screens, you can also control what happens between the main programming. You can completely cut out the appearance of unsavory commercials that feature your competitors. So when guests, customers, and visitors are sitting in your location viewing your content, they will not be met with ads promoting competing offers and businesses.

3. Prevent Offensive Content From Airing on Your Screens

In addition to cutting out competitor content, you can also end the appearance of content that your audience may find offensive or inappropriate. For example, if you run a family healthcare practice that often has young children in your office, you could eliminate news and programming that features stories that kids could find troubling or disturbing. With custom content digital signage features, you control exactly what airs in your waiting room, office, or store.

4. Decrease Perceived Wait Times  

One of the biggest benefits of having content that is specifically created or curated for your audience is that it helps your customers, clients, and patients pass the time. When engaging, entertaining digital signage content is present, it can decrease perceived wait time by up to 33%. So by having digital screens in your waiting areas, you can make a 30-minute wait feel like only a 20-minute wait.

5. Allow Audiences to Control Content

Digital signage features put you in control over the content on your screens. It can also put the power in the hands of your audience. Interactive digital signs enable audiences to control what appears on the screen. Audiences can make selections for what they want to watch. They can browse shopping catalogs, select product demo videos, and completely control their patient or customer experience.

6. Allow Audiences to Input Information

Along with enabling audiences to control content, digital signage features also enable users to input information. When users interact with touch-screen signage, they can enter their contact information, sign up for promotions, and log into user portals. With this two-way communication method, you can use digital signs to connect with audiences in a variety of ways, from setting up patient check-ins to emailing coupons when users enter their contact information to allowing shoppers to place orders.

7. Help Visitors Find Their Way

One of the most useful applications of an interactive screen is presenting it as a digital wayfinding map. A digital wayfinding map is a touchscreen that enables users to search directories and enter their intended destination in a building or facility. The digital screen provides the user with custom directions that lead them to their designation. For shopping centers, hospitals, healthcare facilities, or any other type of large campus, this is an extremely helpful tool as it stops guests from getting lost and feeling stressed and frustrated.

8. Automatically Adjust Based on Time of the Day

We looked at how you and your audience can control what airs on your digital screens. Now, let’s look at other forces that can automatically control your content. Through content parting, you can set you digital signage content to adjust based on the time the of the day. So if you are displaying menu items that are only available in the morning, you can set your screen to automatically change the content to show afternoon options at a specific time.

9. Automatically Adjust Based on Day of the Week

Through content parting, you can also set your digital signage content playlist to change based on day of the week. This system is extremely useful if you operate a business that features daily specials. You don’t need to change your menus or signs manually each day. Instead, this digital signage feature will do the work for you and make sure you never display content on the wrong day.

10. Automatically Adjust Based on The Weather

The last type of content parting doesn’t change based on schedules, times, or days. It changes based on the weather patterns. Through weather parting, you can set your content to change based on the conditions outside. This digital signage feature is especially valuable to businesses like auto shops that may want to market certain products based on the weather. For example, an auto business may want to begin showing ads for snow tires when it starts snowing outside.

Learn More About Digital Signage Features

This list of digital signage features is in no way exhaustive.

The power of digital signage lies in its flexibility and fluidity. It presents businesses with a variety of options of how they can customize and set their screens to work best for their business, goals, and unique customers.

So if you still don’t know how you can use screens for your specific business, keep exploring your options. Schedule a free consultation with one of our specialists, or get our free ultimate digital signage guide to see what else is possible with the power of digital signage.