You probably use digital screens in your business — but are you really connecting with your audience? These stunning show-stoppers are sure to turn heads.

It’s been more than a decade since we started seeing traditional print advertising being replaced by digital screens across virtually every public space. It’s becoming so ubiquitous that the natural inclination is to expect an animated menu board at the coffee shop drive-thru and a dynamic route map at the bus station.

Marketing mavens responsible for maintaining these digital signage networks know that it’s critical to keep content eye-catching and fresh. But unfortunately it can also be cost-prohibitive to constantly make videos, graphics, and feeds that live up to our expectations.

We think it’s possible to power your screens with timely, impactful content that can be 100% created online without expensive software or insane designs skills. Check out these examples and see it in action.

Broadcast-quality Commercials


When video clips from a cohesive series are used together with some simple design elements, it’s easy to create something that looks like a professionally-produced television commercial. Doing it DIY? Shoot your own background footage with your smartphone— you’ll be amazed at the results.

LOL-Worthy Fun 


Not only is laughter the best medicine, but it also makes for memorable experiences we want to hold onto. If you can get your audience to giggle, they’ll continue watching longer. Pulling from a Google Spreadsheets database of witty one-liners, this piece endlessly generates jokes guaranteed to put smiles on faces.

Instagram Photos and Feeds


People turn to social media for everything, all of the time—and we have difficulty putting down the phone when we start scrolling through our Instagram feed. That desire to be socially included can be extended to the DOOH screen. Show your company’s feed, along with images and videos, and get a “like” IRL.

Weather with Video


While weather is nothing new in the world of digital signage, it’s still something people are interested in knowing—especially when it gets a visual boost from background video content bringing it to life. Keep it laser-focused with footage from your town or neighborhood to really hit home with the locals.