Trying to grab Millennial’s attention? Start by speaking their language.

Some of us still remember when grunge was all the rage or the Berlin Wall came down. But you know who doesn’t remember those things? Millennials.

Ugh. That four syllable word causes small business owners today enough frustration they’d probably like to let out a four letter word. Who exactly are Millennials? They’re our children, our co-workers, and ultimately they’re the next wave of consumers.

Millennials are loosely defined as anyone born between 1980 and 1995. Sometimes referred to as Gen-Y or Next Gen’s, they…

  • Are the first generation to not know of a world without Internet
  • Make up roughly 25% of the US population
  • Account for $200 billion of annual spending
  • Do product research
  • Are highly connected online and through social media
  • Don’t like to be called Millennials (but we’ll keep calling them that here anyway, just don’t tell them)

So how can business owners use what we know to better engage Millennials and get them to buy into their brand?

Technology = Relevancy

To a Millennial, if you’re not using technology, you may come across as irrelevant. Static signage, papers strewn about, and cardboard ads combined with outbound marketing in the form of paper ads or snail mail are far less appealing to this “green” generation.

Keep pace by bringing your marketing into the 21st century with email campaigns, online advertising, and Digital Signage to replace your old static posters. You’d be surprised what giving your business a quick modern makeover can do for your brand.

Apps For Days

For Days is just Millennial-speak for a never ending supply (in case you didn’t know). See how hip we can be?

Anyway, these digital natives are hundreds of times more likely to use an app to perform a task than any other generation. In fact, they drive the app industry – Millennials spend a whopping 90 hours per month on mobile apps.

The most successful apps use technology to assist users with something they’re already doing. And if successful, research shows that mobile users tend to exhibit strong brand loyalty the most useful apps, leading to sales and revenue.

Is there a way to integrate the app experience into your sales process?

Be Charitable

Millennials like companies who give back or support a cause. They’re actually more likely to make a purchase if they know a percentage of it goes to better the community or the world.

Do you sponsor a local team? Or support a charity or non-profit? Are you involved in helping save kittens? (Oh yeah, Millennials love cats).

Whatever you do, make sure you’re promoting it. Millennials are drawn to this type of involvement.

Content Oriented

This generation is addicted to content. Specifically, video content. For example, YouTube reports that mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year.

Obviously, this means you should be using video to promote your products or services. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.

So show a product demo, explain a service, or promote your unique selling points. Just make sure you’re doing it with video.


Lastly, it’s important to note that this group is not a fan of the hard sell. Nor do they like being made to feel like they’re part of a marketing project. 

One of the reasons content is such a driving force of marketing right now is because it serves to educate and inform the end viewer and empower them to make a decision. So if you’re on Facebook or Twitter, make sure you’re cranking out content that’s authentic to your brand. 

You can also use this soft, information-based approach to market with Digital Signage. Because of its flexibility, Digital Signage allows you to run all types of messaging, including content that empowers Millennials to make their own decision.

There are many more ways to appeal to Millennials, but everything we’ve outlined above can be done by simply adding some screens in your business, and hooking them up with a Digital Signage media device.

From video content to social media integration, Digital Signage engages and influences customers in your business. And yes… even gets through to Millennials.

Interested in what Digital Signage can do for your business? Take the next step by requesting more information today.