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With digital signage content, you have almost endless options for what you can display on your screen. Digital signs put the power of creativity and flexibility in your hands as you can control the content with a few clicks of a button. 

So, as you get ready to create your content, make sure you know your options and are aware of the many ways to deliver messages.

Static and Animated Graphics

With digital signs, you can display both traditionally styled static graphics and engaging animations. Content may feature a slideshow of images or moving graphics around other static images and copy.

Voice Overs and Music

You can pair voice overs and music with graphics to add another dimension to your presentation. Screens enable you to use voice talent for professional voice overs that present information using your brand tone and voice. You can also elevate your presentation by incorporating music from licensed playlists. (Using licensed music playlists protects you from being sued for playing copyright music.)

Pre-made Videos

You can expand your content playlist by incorporating live action and animated videos. Many signage content providers offer a full library of pre-made videos in a variety of industries. You can pull from those libraries to fill your digital signage content playlist with engaging videos that are relevant and interesting to your audience.

Custom Videos

You aren’t limited to videos in a pre-made library. You can also create your own custom videos and product demo videos to display on your digital screens. This allows you even more options to create content that is fully tailored to the needs and wants of your target audience.

Private Label TV

If you’d rather display content that your audience is already familiar with, you can fill your playlist with clips, episodes, and highlights from national TV shows and programming. With Private Label TV, you can incorporate content from shows like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and The Today Show along with clips from The Speed Channel and movie trailers.

Live Cable Pass-Through

If picking out a fully custom playlist seems like too much management, you can let the programming manage itself. With live cable pass-through, you can air regular cable programming and add a fully branded custom frame around your main content screen. The pass-through allows the content to air through regular TV programming while the custom frame keeps your branding front in center on your digital screen.

Branded Content Frames

With digital signage, you get to use branded content frames around your live cable pass-through or any other featured content. A frame allows you to keep information about your location (such as logos, updates, visitor info, etc.) on your screen at all times. This helps to educate guests, share vital info, and reinforce your branding.

Information, News, and Weather Tickers

Content frames don’t always need to be static. They can feature moving content streams. Tickers can be added to the top, bottom, or side of your main content frame so you can share custom messaging about your location, the news, and/or weather with your audience at all times.

Social Media Feeds

You can also connect you digital screen to other content platforms such as your social media streams. You can set certain content areas to pull data, such as new posts, hashtag feeds, and user interaction from your social media profiles. You can set this to update in real-time or set controls so you review the content before it’s displayed.

Digital Catalogs

Digital signage content is impressive because it puts the power in your hands to fully control the content — and that power can be transferred to the audience as well. Interactive digital signs enable guests to control the content that appears on the screen. With this technology, you can provide full digital catalogs with product information and demos that customers can browse on their own.

Interactive Wayfinding Maps

Another way to utilize interactive features on a digital screen is through wayfinding assistance. When digital signs are used in a large property or facility, they can be set up as digital wayfinding maps. Guests can enter their destination and receive custom directions that tell them exactly how to get to that location from where they are currently.

Visitor Registration and Check-in Forms

Users can also interact with digital signs in a way that improves their visit and decreases your strain on human resources. Screens can accept visitor registration and check-ins so when guests arrive they don’t need to meet with a staff member right away. This allows you to expedite visitor check-in and collect guest information in a simple and interactive way.

Now that you know your options for how you can present information through your digital signage content, you can see why this platform is such a powerful communication tool.

You can use it to share information and messages with customers, guests, clients, patients, and visitors. And, you can also use it to communicate with internal teams and staff. Digital screens are the prime place for displaying:

  • Advertisements and promotions
  • Product and service details
  • Menu listings
  • Wait-time statues
  • Entertainment and infotainment
  • Event schedules
  • Maps, directories, and location information
  • Welcome information
  • Staff messages like employee recognition and internal changes

This post probably filled your head with all kinds of ideas about what you can do with digital signage content.

But you likely have more questions about the application, installation, and management of digital screens. So, get answers to all of your other questions and more tips about creating content for screens in your office, business, store, or facility by downloading our free ebook.

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