digital menu boards help you make and save money

If you are like most service-oriented business, you have signage all around your location. From posters and letter boards to chalk and white boards, signs with menus items are prominently displayed so customers can easily browse your offerings.

But while you think the signs around your business are serving their purpose, you may be surprised to learn that you can get even more out of your signage if you try a different approach.

Displaying menu items on digital displays instead of static signs can upgrade the way you showcase your list of services, all while helping you bring in and save extra money. Here are a few ways you can save and make money using digital menus in your business.

Save Money: Quickly and Affordably Revise Content  

With static signs, you are unable to revise content as your business changes. Once you order a sign, you are stuck with the service list, pricing, and design elements. You can’t make changes.

With digital menu displays, this isn’t a problem. You can easily update, revise, and rewrite the content of your sign with little effort in just a few minutes.

Even better, the cost of revising your sign is next to nothing. Depending on your sign platform and service package, you can pay a low cost to have your provider update the content or you can do it yourself — for free.

Make Money: Highlight New Offerings & Promotions


make money with digital menu boards

Being able to control your content also gives you extra power to promote. You are no longer restricted to the advertisements tied to your static print signs. You can easily feature new offerings and promotions by revising content on your signage and highlighting special menu items, services, and deals.  

Make Money: Use Videos and Graphics to Attract Extra Attention

With static signs, you are limited to the amount of interactive and digital media you can use. You are confined to using images and text alone.

But with digital signage, you can use a variety of high-quality multimedia such as rotating images, graphics, videos, and even interactive, user-controlled content. Visually interesting and enticing images capture and hold the attention of customers more than standard text. So by using multimedia, you increase consumer interest in your list of menu items and services.

Save Money: Control Your Inventory

Control over content through the use of digital menus also allows you to manage the inventory of your items. If you are running low on a product, you can easily remove it from your menu to prevent customers from requesting an item that is no longer available.

Likewise, if you are overstocked with a particular product, you can put the item on special and promote it on your digital sign. By promoting and selling more items that are overstocked, you can manage your inventory and make sure you don’t end up with outdated or spoiled products.

Make Money: Rotate Menus During the Day

Digital menus also help you manage your inventory and offerings in another way. With fluid signs, content is interchangeable. You are able to change the content throughout the day.

So businesses that offer different services or items at different times of the day — like restaurants and cafes — can rotate their menus throughout the day.

Rather than pack your walls with signs for items that aren’t available all day, you are able to switch content as your offerings change. With only relevant content on display, customers will be able to easily see your available items, simplifying and speeding up their purchasing decisions.

Save Money: Meet Changing FDA Requirements

Restaurants and cafes will find another financial bonus with digital signage. The FDA has specific rules for how restaurants and cafes must display information about food and drink items.

Unfortunately these requirements change from time to time, resulting in food businesses needing to revise and order new static menus. But with digital signage, restaurants and cafes can easily update and revise their signs with new requirements.

Make Money: Stand Out From Competitors

In this competitive economy, how you sell has become just as important as what you sell. Customers want to do business with establishments that are polished, contemporary, and stylish.

Digital menu boards help give off that appearance. Customers will be more likely to remember and return to the more modern option when choosing service-based businesses such as:

  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Salons and Spas
  • Auto Shops
  • Hotels
  • Physician Offices
  • Repair Shops

Is your business still using dated, static signs? Are your walls filled with menus that are marked up with pricing changes and crossed out services? Isn’t it time that you upgraded your appearance to look more professional?

Find out how you easily make the change, bring interactive digital menu boards to your business, and start making and saving extra money.

Sign up for a free, no-obligation consultation with a digital signage expert. We’ll review your company’s goals and discuss how you can affordably and quickly upgrade the signage in your business or office.

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