Jiffy Lube® International, Inc. (JLI), is the largest system of franchised service centers in the fast lube industry, and is consistently ranked as one of the top franchising opportunities for entrepreneurs. With more than 2,000 service centers in North America, JLI services approximately 24 million customers each year.

Spectrio provides call handling systems and on-hold messages for multiple Jiffy Lube franchise groups. In addition to these custom audio solutions, Spectrio also improves the customer experience in Jiffy Lube’s service waiting areas with VideoCast digital signage.

Jiffy Lube specials are cross-promoted on both their phone messages and digital signage to target at-home and in-store customers and prospective customers. The Spectrio VideoCast solution has been integrated with existing waiting room monitors for many locations and commercial-grade monitors were installed for those customer lounges which required additional hardware. Custom product and branding videos are programmed to interrupt a live television feed at designated intervals. Other branded Jiffy Lube ads rotate in additional zones on the screens. There are also options for a custom ticker and current time and temperature.

“Getting my digital signage solutions in place has been easy and Spectrio is a great company to work with,” said Chris Burns, Jiffy Lube franchisee and President, STC Management LLC. “The content is targeted and branded for Jiffy Lube and I am even able to include a real-time feed with the time and temperature displayed in a zone on the screens, plus I can change the content remotely any time I want. Spectrio‘s solution has been a great addition to my stores.”

VideoCast custom content and call handling solutions assist Jiffy Lube franchisees in increasing sales, improving customer service and the customer experience, up-selling and informing customers of products and services they may not be aware of. The content reflects Jiffy Lube’s other marketing initiatives, as well as reinforces their brand identity.

“The customers noticed the change right away. The screen presentation is very professionally done and I really like the breaks in the TV broadcast to explain the different services that Jiffy Lube offers. The volume increases just enough to get their attention to what’s happening on the screen,” said Tom Rodolico, Jiffy Lube franchisee and President, Our Venture Inc.


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