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As the finance industry becomes increasingly digital, many companies are looking to grow the value of their brick-and-mortar locations. By providing additional services and client care, people can improve their money management with positive in-person experiences. With this goal, finance managers are constantly looking for ways to upgrade their businesses.

One option for financial organizations looking to upgrade their stores is the use of video walls. These office display features are dynamic and flexible, making it easy for different branches to change their displays as needed.

Check out a few ways finance digital video walls are changing how clients interact with brands, and see out how you could use them in your brick-and-mortar locations.

First, What Are Finance Digital Video Walls?

Video walls are highly-customizable digital signage display features that allow companies to broadcast their brand messaging, share information about their services, and connect with clients in multiple ways.

Video walls are composed of multiple, small television screens that come together to form one large picture. You can have parts of an image on each screen, so they all form one cohesive display. Or, you can display different video content on each screen, providing multiple content streams.

Companies can adjust the size and shape of their video walls depending on their needs.

You may place a few TVs together to form a square video wall or assemble several small TVs in two columns to create a vertical video wall in your waiting area. It doesn’t matter how limited your space is, you can find ways to incorporate this communication tool to connect with and entertain clients.

Share Different Messages on One Platform

Most brands use finance digital video walls to enhance their branding and share one message with multiple people in a lobby or waiting area. However, it’s possible to share multiple messages at once.

Remember, you might have nine different screens on your video wall, making it possible to broadcast nine different types of content throughout the day.

There are multiple types of digital signage content you can choose from when deciding what to share with clients. A few options we offer that you can include are:

  • Social media calls-to-action
  • Weather and traffic updates
  • Rateboards
  • Product information, features, and costs
  • Video content advertising your brand or services

As you can see, you can make your finance digital video walls as interactive as you want. Within a few minutes of sitting in your waiting area, your clients can have a better idea about your products as well as some fun facts related to your brand.

Choose What Kind of Display You Want

Once you have the content you want, the next step is to decide how you want it displayed. It’s possible to prioritize your brand messaging in a way that guides the eye and provides the best results.

For example, you might want information like trivia, the weather, and social media placed at the bottom of your digital video wall. It’s still there and easy for people to see, but the main feature would be the content in the top and center of the board.

You can prioritize what people see and make adjustments to make the content more flexible. This way, your brand messaging is never lost in clutter, and everyone gets the information they need.

Reduce Perceived Wait-Times

Industry experts have found that perceived wait-time is more important than actual wait-time when engaging with clients. clients who are entertained for ten minutes are likely to be more patient and happy with their service than those who are bored for six minutes.

A great example is an airport in Houston that increased its number of baggage handlers to decrease wait-times at baggage claim. Even though there was a noticeable decrease in wait-times, the number of traveler complaints about it remained the same.

Then, the airport changed the location of the baggage claim, so clients spent more time walking to claim their bags from the terminal instead of standing around waiting for them.

Because travelers had an activity that took up their time, the space waiting for their bags seemed shorter (even though it was the same), and the number of complaints decreased.  

For financial institutions, this study emphasizes the importance of entertainment while waiting. If you can engage clients (even for a few minutes) and hold their attention, then they’re more likely to be happier with your service and have a positive perception of your brand.

Turn an Empty Wall Into a Marketing Opportunity

What is the current ROI of the empty wall in your waiting area? Does the color choice entertain clients while they wait? Does the art teach people about your products and encourage upsells?

If you’re not making money from your static walls, then you need to consider investing in digital video options.

There are many ways you can track the effects of your digital signage on sales growth. You can highlight specific offers and make note of clients who ask about them. You can check for a bump in social media traffic as a result of the wall, or you can look for an increase in free client WiFi logins because of your username and password display.

All of these metrics prove that people are engaging with your digital video wall, and you can use them to determine how it will affect your business.

Once you have an idea for how many people interact with your video wall daily, you can set goals for upsells and other promotions to attract clients. You can start making money back from your investment as clients increase their services and loyalty to your brand.

Explore Our Finance Digital Video Walls

If you’re still on the fence about digital video walls and unsure how they can help your financial organization, explore our digital solutions portal to see examples of what you can do. With a few clicks, you can start to understand how finance digital video walls can engage clients and make it easier for you to promote your services.