dynamic displays

Traditionally, museums have been categorized by larger-than-life exhibits and informative content delivered on static print labels.

While the profound nature of its exhibits has always stayed the same, a modern-day museum’s look and feel are entering a new era.

Nowadays, 65% of people learn best with visual help. Meaning it’s no longer enough to slap a multi-paragraph exhibit descriptor on framed paper (that’s often heavily skimmed or, worse, overlooked altogether) and call it a day.

Today’s museum visitors want more.

And they don’t just want information — they want engagement. They want an experience.

Which is exactly where digital signage for museums comes in.

How Museum Dynamic Displays Better Engage Visitors

Dynamic displays let your visitors take a step back into the past while wearing a lens of the future.

Informational and immersive, museum dynamic displays can showcase anything from on-screen ticket prices for visitors in line to educational videos on multimedia kiosks.

Whether it’s large video walls, interactive touch screens, or anything in between, digital signage keeps your museum’s visitors in tune with everything you have to offer.

More room for interactivity

Interaction is the key to driving higher engagement, and it’s fairly easy when you’ve got the right tools.

With dynamic display solutions, you can use touch-ready screens to play a suite of content types, including videos, picture slideshows, timelines, and, of course, text explanations of your exhibits. For the visitors who learn best with audio, digital signage can also play verbal readings of text or video narrations to enhance the learning experience.

Aside from displaying information in much more digestible and eye-catching ways, digital signage can also be used to offer:

  • A selection of topics and themes to choose from
  • Quizzes, puzzles, and interactive games
  • Immersive simulations

Storytelling made fun

In every museum, the story is everything.

From the history of World War II to the birth of Renaissance-inspired art, there are millions of stories to be told in hundreds of thousands of museums worldwide.

Using digital signage, you can put your visitor at the center of the story (literally, if your dynamic display is 3D or pairs with augmented reality software). Museum-goers can watch recorded reenactments of certain events in history, follow a timeline with greater ease, and leave with a more impactful takeaway.

This means better word of mouth for you and more ticket sales for your records.

Easier ways to explore

Blindly navigating a museum amidst a sea of exhibits and an eager crowd isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Neither is a paper map to carry around for the entirety of a visit.

With scattered dynamic displays showcasing museum maps and exhibit markers, wayfinding becomes much easier for the mom of three looking for kid-friendly activities. Or the adventurous couple with their sights set on the space-themed stargazing theater.

Or the solo visitor looking to take in everything.

Whatever your visitors’ interests, dynamic displays help bolster museum engagement in one major way: personalizing the experience. Using digital wayfinding maps, viewers will stay engaged by easily finding what they most want to see, no matter if it’s a curated selection of the top exhibits or the whole nine yards.

Memorable Museum Experiences With Spectrio’s Dynamic Displays

By the start of 2022, museum attendance fell by nearly 40% in the United States, with rates continuously seeing lower figures than in pre-pandemic days.

In a time when museums are battling so heavily for their audience’s attention, it’s never been so important to stay agile and innovative while embracing the future of digital signage.

Spectrio’s customer engagement solutions let you connect directly with your visitors using digital signage, interactive kiosks, and more. Our dynamic display services are designed to both gain the attention of your audience and keep it.

Book a free demo today to see how you can do more for your customer experience with help from our state-of-the-art dynamic displays.