why creating digital signage content is frustratingWe all have parts of our business or work that we don’t enjoy as much as other parts. But creating digital signage content shouldn’t never be one of them.

Creating content for digital signage should never feel like a burden or obligation that you and your team want to avoid. If it is and you are struggling with creating content, there is something wrong.

It’s likely that you are experiencing one of the following problems that can be easily resolved.

the right teamYou Don’t Have the Right Team

Maybe when you decided to bring digital signs into your office, shop, or retail location, you thought you and your team could manage the content creation on your own.

While it’s possible for an organization to create content for their signs, it’s likely that the quality of the content created by an inexperienced or unskilled team won’t be as good as content created by a group of professionals.

At a first glance, the production of digital signage content may seem simple. But there are a variety of roles that contribute to creating high-quality content.

  • Writers create copy, scripts, and overall messaging. Actors perform skits and deliver presentations.
  • Voice Actors provide professional voice overs.
  • Graphic Designers create impressive graphics and information design layouts.
  • Animators add pizzaz and bring graphics to life.
  • Video Editors pull it all together and create a cohesive and professional final product.

While you may have talented people on your team, it’s unlikely that you don’t have a person to fill each of these roles. That limited talent pool could be creating stress in your content creation process.

You Don’t Have Enough Time

Even if you have a talented staff who can create amazing content, they may simply not have the time needed to properly update, revise, and create new content.

It order for content to be memorable and effective, it needs to be regularly updated. It needs to be relevant, timely, and fresh, and that requires:

  • Creating new content: so audiences don’t see the same programming every time they visit your location.
  • Revising content: to include new products, services, news, updates, and promotions.
  • Updating content: so there is no out-dated, incorrect information and expired promotions and offerings.  

The amount of times per year that you update your content will vary depending on your industry, but most organization should update their content a few times a year.  

If you and your team don’t have the time to make those adjustments, it could be creating a strain on your content creation process.

You Don’t Have the Right Resources

the right resourcesMany organizations that use digital signage are not in the digital media industry. These auto shops, retailers, doctor’s offices, hotels, and restaurants are not in the business of creating content. So it’s no surprise that they don’t have the tools, resources, and technology needed to create premium content.

If you are in a similar industry, it’s likely that you may be relying on Powerpoint or Keynote to create the content for your digital sign. If that is the case, you are unable to tap into the dynamic and powerful capabilities of digital signage such as:

  • Interactive Elements: which allow users to interact with the sign, choose their content, enter their information, and customize their options.
  • Wayfinding and Map Tools: which provide the user custom direction for finding their way. 
  • Screen Wraps: which provide an additional content frame around the main programming. 
  • Feeds: which provide a real-time stream of news, weather, or social media updates. 
  • Video Editing Software: which enables high-quality, professional production elements. 
  • Video Libraries & Private Label TV: that provide mainstream content options such as television shows and clips, movie trailers, sporting events, and more. 

Access to these resources makes it easier to create content that provides higher audience engagement and enjoyment. If you are lacking these tools, you may be struggling with delivering premium content and compelling customer experiences.

You Don’t Have the Right Perspective

There are a lot of considerations that go into creating a strategic digital signage plan. When you are so close to your business, you may have a hard time taking a step back to identify what type of content you can create to best serve your goals and audiences.

You may need a third party to provide feedback on the experience that they had while watching or interacting with your content. If you don’t have other opinions or feedback on your content, you may be struggling to improve and upgrade your programming.

frustrated computer userYou Aren’t Seeing Results

The most frustrating part of creating digital signage content often doesn’t happen during the creative process. It happens after.

When you put time and effort into creating content, then find that you are seeing any results from your effort — it can be extremely frustrating. You may experience that frustration if:

  • Your audience isn’t watching the content during their wait.
  • Your digital signage promotions aren’t increasing sales.
  • No one is interacting with or using your signs, check-in kiosks, or maps.
  • Your audience or staff are unable to recall or understand information from your programming.
  • Your sign is failing to lure customers into your business.
  • Your audience is not responding to call-to-actions in your content.

The reason that you aren’t seeing results may be a result of other problems with your content creation. You don’t have the right team or resources. You don’t have enough time and lack the perspective to create results-driven content campaigns.

All of this can put you in a spot where you are ready to give up on digital signage. But that is the farthest thing from a solution.

You Are Going at It Alone

If you brought digital signage into your business and are still struggling with seeing results and creating content on your own, it’s time to make a change.

Digital signage can and will benefit your business — but only if you are using a strategic content creation method. So, stop struggling with content that isn’t producing results.

Partner with digital signage provider to upgrade and improve your content creation strategy. A partner like Spectrio can provide a team of professional creatives who have the time, resources, technology, and training to create results-oriented content campaigns.  

And if you still aren’t sure if partnering with a digital signage partner can benefit your business, find out for free.

Request a free, no-obligation consultation to review your goals, discuss your struggles, and identify the simple ways you can make content creation easier and more beneficial for your organization.