People are ditching cable at record rates.
For decades now, cable companies have had a monopoly over television. If you wanted to watch the best in entertainment, you needed a cable subscription. Now, the rise of companies like Netflix and Hulu allow consumers to get the content they want, without being locked into cable.

So… if there is an alternative for cable in your home, is there another option for your business?

Companies who have TV in their waiting room are on the right track. Customers need something to help them pass the time while they wait for their car. But cable is far from the perfect option. And it’s certainly not the only optional.

Enter Waiting Room TV.

Just like Netflix, Waiting Room TV provides an alternative option to cable. For automotive repair shop owners, this means having a choice.  But which product is better for the waiting area? And why should you choose Waiting Room TV over cable?

Reduce Perceived Wait Time

One of the biggest reason to have some form of entertainment in your waiting room is to help customers pass the time while they wait. And they wait a lot.

Customers can spend anywhere from 15-45 minutes waiting for a repair, and some wait even longer than that. And as the clock ticks on, they start to grow more and more impatient.

But when Digital Signage is present in a waiting room, perceived wait time is reduced by 33%. That means a 30 minute wait only feels like 20. And that means you get less people asking you, “Is my car ready yet?”

Family Friendly Content

When most people think of trashy television, they think of Jerry Springer. But the truth is graphic content can be seen on almost any channel these days.

Whether it’s scantily clad women, news stories involving violence, or inappropriate language, television standards are slipping. And while you can never tell who might be watching what in your store, you’re the one ultimately responsible for how that content represents your brand.

On the other hand, Waiting Room TV’s content is pre-screened with your audience in mind. It delivers all the news, sports, and entertainment your customers look for, without needing to include raunchy or offensive content.

Space For Your Ads

Another area Waiting Room TV beats cable is by integrating your company’s advertisements and promotions.

If you run The Price is Right during business hours, customers will see all type of commercials. But not any of yours. When their attention turns from how much an item costs, it won’t shift to whether or not you’re having a special on brakes.

Your brand integration is a key component of Waiting Room TV. The playlist is set up so that after each entertainment clip, something plays featuring your brand.

It might be an animation showcasing one of your most popular services. Or you could use that space to promote a sale on tires. It could be a commercial provided by corporate. Or, you could create your own messaging with an easy to use templates. Just plug in some text, maybe upload an image, and shazaam! You’ll look like a professional designer.

Whatever you want to highlight, make sure you’re highlighting it! Cable doesn’t do you any favors. Waiting Room TV does.

…And No Space For Your Competitors

By the time a customer walks into your store, you’ve done a lot of things right. From ad placement, to web copy, it’s hard to get a customer’s attention. So when they’ve decided to buy from you, you’ve earned that sale.

What you don’t want is to get torpedoed at the last minute by a competitor’s ad.

Imagine this.

A customer brings their car in for an oil change. While waiting for the service to be done, they sit in your waiting room and watch SportsCenter. During a break, they see a commercial for one of your competitors, saying that if your customer brings their car to them, they’ll get all the works and more.

Free tire rotation. Free 35-point inspection. Every 5th oil change is free. Plus low, low pricing.

Where do you think your customer is going to go the next time they need their oil changed? To the place that offers them the most value!

So instead of letting your competitors get the air time, use Waiting Room TV to communicate the value you provide for your loyal customers.

More Value For You

All of this adds up to more value for your budget. If you have a set amount going towards your waiting room entertainment budget, invest it in the option that helps you engage customers and drive more sales.

Your customers get what they want – something to entertain and inform them, while taking their mind of the clock. And you get more exposure and awareness for your brand – the services you offer, your current promotions, and a chance to educate your customers about their vehicle.

Oh, and did we mention you get Vehicle on Demand when you’re signed up for Waiting Room TV?

So do the smart thing for your wallet, as well as the smart thing for your business. Kick cable to the curb, and start taking advantage of Waiting Room TV.

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