The benefits, demand, and value of digital displays are on the rise according to an infographic and survey by

Data from their survey shows that more business are spending more money to use digital signs to increase sales and awareness of their brand.

Half of their survey respondents said they plan to increase their digital signage budgets, and 24% of companies said they will spend over $1 Million on signage this year.

These businesses are likely to pass by their counterparts not using signage as the survey showed that digital signs can and will boost sales.

Businesses using digital signs reported the marketing tool to:

  • be an effective way to create brand awareness
  • influence people to purchases products
  • increase the odds of someone becoming a repeat buyer

One in five people who saw a digital sign said they have made an unplanned purchase after seeing an item featured on a screen.

It’s not surprising that the number of businesses using signage increased by 13% this year.

But it is surprising that 22% of business still haven’t incorporated the benefits of signage into their marketing plans, halting them from reaching more customers and increasing their sales.

If you are a business that has fallen into the 22%, it’s time to stop missing out.

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