We all know the frustration of walking into a large building or facility and having no idea where to go. Searching through long directories, taking wrong turns, and roaming through hallways trying to find someone to direct you is annoying and sometimes downright maddening.

That feeling is even more exaggerated when attempting to find your way in a healthcare facility. Many people enter a hospital, physician office, or care facility already feeling stressed, worried, or sick.

With heightened anxiety, patients and visitors don’t want or need the added burden of trying to find their way.

So if you represent or manage a facility in the healthcare industry, you need to use simple and hassle free wayfinding tools that help patients and visitors find their faster and with less stress. And the best way to do that is using digital wayfinding maps.

A digital wayfinding map is an interactive screen that allows users to search and select information and view a custom visual representation of how to get to their destination.

Unlike static maps that provide a generic map with no custom information, a digital wayfinding map allows users to create custom directions that only show what they need. It allows visitors to find their way faster with less stress all while providing a variety of other benefits to patients, doctors, visitors, and the healthcare facilities themselves.

Here are a few reasons why digital wayfinding tools in the healthcare industry are so important.

Assists Sick and Confused Patients

Many people have trouble thinking clearly when they don’t feel well. It’s hard to process and problem-solve when feeling sick and weak. Digital wayfinding tools directly assist ill and confused patients by making it easier for them to find their way with a clear set of directions that is easy to acquire.

Provides Emergency Assistance Faster

The most significant benefit of clear directions is being able to get to and provide emergency treatment as quick as possible. When a patient with an immediate need enters a facility, they need to find their way fast. With a digital wayfinding tool, the patient or their companions can quickly get the directions they need to find treatment fast.

Alleviates the Stress of Worried Families

Visiting a loved one in a healthcare facility whether it’s a hospital, doctor’s office, or senior care facility can be an emotional and nerve-wracking event. Worried families don’t need the added stress of struggling to find their loved when they arrive at the location. Wayfinding tools help them conveniently and quickly locate their loved one and prevent them from struggling to find their way.   

Directs and Respects Visiting Doctors, Nurses & Staff

Many healthcare facilities host and welcome visiting doctors and nurses who come to check on their patients, give lectures, and provide onsite training or procedures. With helpful wayfinding tools, healthcare facilities better serve the busy physicians, aides, counselors, and other support staff who visit their location.  

Clears Hallways and Decreases Congestion

When patients and visitors find their way faster, facility hallways become less congested. With fewer people in the hall, staff can more easily navigate the facility and serve their patients faster. A clear hallway also allows emergency assistance to arrive faster and decreases the hazards caused by crowded walkways.

Consolidates Confusing Directories

Large facilities may have dozens or even hundreds of doctors and offices. That creates a complicated and congested directory board that is hard to read. With an interactive digital screen, visitors don’t need to sort through a long list of offices. Instead, they can simple search to find the office they need.

Quickly and Easily Updates Information

In large facilities, departments and staff regularly move to new locations. With static signs, healthcare facility managers can’t update the map and directory information to reflect the new changes. They either crossout outdated information or spend extra money upgrading the signs. But with digital signs, managers can use computers to quickly update maps and directories in real time, at no additional cost.  

Improves Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction goes up when wait times goes down. With digital wayfinding tools in the healthcare industry, patients can get in and out of their appointments faster. They can quickly find their way to their appointment and arrive on time, and providers can too. With fewer late patient arrivals and congested hallways, providers can keep their schedules on track and serve their patients on time.

Decreases Strain on Human Resources

When patients and visitors are able to easily find their way on their own, they don’t need to ask staff for directions. This puts less stress on reception staff and stops visitors from interrupting and asking doctors and nurses for directions in the hallways.

Creates a New Content and Advertising Channel

A significant benefit of using digital signs is that the screens serve multiple purposes. Large screens allot space that can be used for sharing additional information such as weather streams, bulletins, and even advertising. Space for advertising creates an opportunity for a facility to add an additional revenue stream, which may allow the wayfinding tool to pay for itself while still serving patients and staff.  

Creates an Emergency Communication Channel

Because a digital sign is also a custom content display, healthcare facilities can use the screens to share extremely urgent and important information. If an emergency were to occur in the facility, the screens could serve as an emergency broadcast systems across the entire property.

Shows Patients the Facility Cares About Their Wellbeing

With so many benefits of digital wayfinding tools, one thing will become clear to patients — a healthcare facility with interactive maps truly cares about providing the best, most technologically advanced treatment and resources possible. Facilities that use digital maps will stand out from their competitors and resonate in the minds of their patients, creating long-term loyalty and trust. Digital wayfinding tools in the healthcare industry increase patient satisfaction, decrease their stress, and benefit visitors and staff alike. So stop sending your visitors on a wild hunt to find their destination.

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