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The tools people use to find and communicate with businesses are always changing. So, the methods medical practices use to connect with potential patients need to constantly change, too. This begs the question — are you keeping up? Does your marketing match the wants, needs, and communication methods of today’s patients?

Use these stats to get insight into what is working and what’s still needed in dental practice marketing. Find out if you are keeping up with the trends and changing times.

77% of patients use online reviews when finding a new healthcare provider.

Patients look online to research and review a practice, doctor, or dentist before they schedule an appointment, and the reviews they find are important in their decision-making process. More than three-quarters of patients use online reviews to help them decide on a practice, according to a survey by Software Advice.

Takeaway: If you aren’t actively working on increasing the number of online reviews about your practice, you could be missing opportunities to connect with new patients. You should also keep an eye on the reviews that are currently posted and work to resolve complaints or bad reviews.

75% of customers expect companies to provide a consistent experience across multiple touchpoints.

Customers and patients use multiple touch points, both in the digital and physical world, to learn about a business. According to Salesforce’s “State of the Connected Customer” Study, customers connect with brands through multiple platforms, and they expect their experience to be consistent when using those platforms.

Takeaway: You cannot focus all of your dental practice marketing and communication efforts on one platform. From your website and direct mail marketing to your in-office content and atmosphere, all of your customer touchpoints should be used to deliver a customer experience that is both useful and cohesive.

Conversions can rise by 80% or more when video is used on a landing page.

Digital marketing is a way to connect with new patients and stay in touch with current patients. But not all digital marketing is created equal. Certain tactics improve your ability to create a web conversion and turn your page visitor into a customer. According to Unbounce, video is one of the best ways to do it.

Takeaway: If your dental practice marketing plan includes attracting patients through digital platforms, consider adding video to your website, landing pages, and emails. Education about comprehensive dental health, announcements about new technology, or profiles of dentists and hygienists are three popular video topics.  Video marketing stats prove this is an extremely effective way to connect with an audience and increase website conversions.

60% of callers left on hold in silence will hang up.

Even with multiple ways to connect through online platforms, patients and customers are still making calls to businesses. The customer calling experience remains a very important part of any dental practice marketing and communication plan. Without attention, the calling experience can push patients away: an AT&T Study showed that 60% of callers placed on hold in silence will hang up.

Takeaway: You must have an on-hold message plan that creates positive customer calling experiences by using strategic messaging, auto-attendants, and VoIP solutions.

93% of dental practices believe scripting is beneficial, yet only 52% use it.

To clearly communicate with patients and provide excellent customer service, you need a plan. That plan should include scripting that outlines how staff should talk to patients and what they should say. Roger P. Levin, founder and CEO of the dental consulting firm Levin Group, revealed that 93% of practices believe scripting helps their communication. But, only 52% are actively using this strategy.

Takeaway: You know it works, so implement it. Make a scripted communication plan for your staff so they know how to handle situations that arise on the phone and in the office. As you set your plan, encourage your team to understand that the plan includes talking points, not a word-for-word script. Conversations should always remain natural and comfortable for both the staff and patients.

70% of customers say technology makes it easier for them to take their business elsewhere.

Internet search has made the marketplace highly competitive as it is extremely easy for customers to find new businesses. Customers can research and discover new service providers in just a few seconds.’s “State of the Connected Customer” study revealed that 70% of respondents find technology makes it easier to take their business to new service providers.

Takeaway: Attracting patients is only half of the battle. In the digital age, when customers have so many options at their fingertips, you have to continue to compete even after you acquire a new patient. You must create and continue to provide exceptional customer experiences or risk losing patients to other businesses who are providing a superior service.


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