Digital Signage for Banks and Credit Unions

Connect with your customers and members, promote your services, and modernize your branches with digital signage and kiosk solutions.

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Digital Signage Solutions for Your Branch

In-branch digital signage is increasingly crucial for customer and member education, acquisition and conversion. By incorporating digital signs into your branding and marketing strategy, you can better promote your products and services while connecting visitors at your bank, credit union, or financial institution directly with your brand.

Educate your Vistors

Bring visitors at your branch up to speed on the latest interest rates, checking account prices, and other useful information by scheduling out content with the click of a button.

Promote your Services

Displaying info about your loan programs via an electronic rates board and rotating through your latest promotions using a digital display are just some of the ways Spectrio’s signage solutions can be used to promote branch services.

Connect with your Community

Connect with your customers on a personalized level by displaying local events, weather status, fun facts about the branch, and more.


Interactive Kiosks

Whether you want to display interactive offers to your members, collect user data autonomously, or even guide your branch visitors to where they need to go, our kiosk systems are the solution for you.

Customize your Design

From intriguing custom screensavers to eye-catching exterior visuals, our kiosks are designed specifically around your business needs. We’ve designed for every implementation you might need, from countertop iPad stands to freestanding wayfinding terminals to wall-mounted displays.

Engage with your Customers

Whether you choose a small tablet or a large touchscreen monitor, our kiosks give customers the opportunity to interact directly with your brand. From displaying promotions to offering upsells and collecting customer information, the opportunities kiosks provide are virtually endless.

Guide Foot Traffic

Wayfinding technology is particularly useful for guiding visitors to points of interest, managing foot traffic, and streamlining your in-branch experience.

Custom Digital Displays

With Spectrio, you can tailor your digital signage solutions to your needs. From basic lobby signage to expansive, immersive video walls, we do it all.

Digital Lobby Signage

Use eye-catching, modern signage to catch the attention of your patrons and educate them on everything from the checking account prices to your next promotion.

Rate Boards

Design sleek, easy-to-update digital rate boards that can help you to inform current clients and attract new ones.

Video Walls

Use video wall technology to create elevated, high-tech and interactive visual experiences for your patrons, entertaining as well as educating them.

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