two people working over a computer

Corporate communications has become a popular topic of conversation for businesses of all sizes. Tech savvy managers are looking to modern methods for engaging their team – with heavy focus on digital signage.

If you’re on the hunt for new, more exciting ways to get your team and office better connected, you may be wondering what kind of awesome digital signage content is available. Check out these 9 must-see ideas for using digital signage to better your corporate communications and culture!

1.) Show a live hashtag wall

Social media wall for employees
Hashtag walls are a great communication tool for businesses. Create a custom hashtag for your office, and showcase a live feed of posts from Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook on your display. You’ll see team selfies, department updates, and even a few photos of cute dogs.

Or, display live conversation feeds from services like Yammer or Slack.

2.) Show a live feed of news stories

Digital signage news for offices
Keep your team informed of the latest stories from your industry or popular outlets like ESPN, TechCrunch, or the Wall Street Journal. Creating a hub for live news updates will keep your team up-to-date on the news that matters to them.

3.) Sales and marketing dashboards

KPI dashboard digital signage
Whatever your team goals or quotas are, you can use digital signage to keep your employees motivated and up-to-date by displaying a live dashboard of your analytics. This is great for tracking, visualizing and gamifying your sales quotas, marketing goals and other relevant KPIs.

Pull data from popular platforms like Google Analytics and Google Spreadsheets.

4.) Conference and meeting room bookings

Google Calendar for Digital Signage Content
Show your meeting room calendar bookings with screens at your front entrance and in each room. You’ll keep everyone up-to-date with your content and seem pretty tech-savvy while doing it!

5.) Inspirational quotes

Digital signage poster
Who doesn’t love a little inspiration to get through the week? Display some inspirational quotes to help make for a more positive environment, and push success within your corporate culture.

6.) Company announcements

Digital signage announcement
Have a team outing, special guest visiting the office, or even an all-hands meeting coming up? Show upcoming events on your display to keep everyone informed on the future happenings around the office.

7.) Show team competition standings

Digital signage leaderboard
If your company encourages a little friendly competition (whether in the form of ping pong tournaments or NCAA brackets, for example), digital signage can be used to track team standings, further inspiring participation and fun. At Enplug, we have four Harry Potter-themed teams (and yes, we use a virtual “sorting hat” to determine team members) that compete to earn the most points through various activities each quarter.

8.) Customer feedback wall

Digital signage for corporate communications
Showcase customer quotes and testimonials for your team to see. Testimonials are great for boosting employee morale and improving customer satisfaction.

9.) Your business’s social feeds

Digital signage social media wall
Show live updates from your business’ Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts to keep your team connected. Just about everyone is on social today, and displaying your posts will make employees want to get more involved in the conversation!

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