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Aside from Secret Santas and Human Christmas Tree Pyramids (yes, those exist), an easy, inexpensive way to engage your employees at your holiday work party is through interactive digital signage. Spice up your holiday work party with great content like real-time Instagram collages or Twitter feeds, employee recognition, and customized graphics or videos.

Holiday Work Party Digital Signage

Enplug’s mini-device pairs with HD TV screens in your offices or off-site at your holiday work party venue. Here are 3 ideas for how Enplug digital signage can become the talk of your holiday season:

1. Live Social Media

Choose a specific internal hashtag for your holiday party and encourage guests to post throughout the night. People love seeing their own photos, faces, and words on screens. Surprised party-goers will often want to take a picture of themselves with their original post on screen, a phenomenon we call “screenception“. Live social signage is a fun, interactive way to drive social engagement at your holiday work party while entertaining your guests with real-time pictures, Tweets, and sentiments about the night.

Holiday Work Party

Have an unhappy camper or inebriated prankster? With apps like Enplug’s Instagram Wall, you can manually approve each post before it goes live on your digital signage. See Using A Live Social Media Wall for Events for more ideas on how to incorporate social marketing into your events.

2. Employee Recognition

Complement your Holiday Work Party Office Awards with digital signage graphics for “Employee of the Year” or “Most Likely to Start a Nerf War” Award. Give your employees a moment to shine on the big screen with a personal recognition!

Holiday Work Party

3. Customized Graphics

Display sponsored advertising, company videos, or live polling to generate feedback and increase participation during the event. With Enplug’s Graphics App, you can schedule content in advance on one to many screens at once, ensuring your party attendees never skip a scheduled activity or important announcement.

holiday work party

Incorporate interactive digital signage into your office holiday party this season to encourage social bonding, boost team morale, and foster a fun atmosphere!

Curious about using Enplug for your office holiday party and other corporate events? Schedule a free digital signage demo with us.