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How can an organization effectively cut through the digital clutter to reach its audiences for internal marketing? Enplug’s digital signage software provides a cutting-edge solution to this question.

Enplug for Meltwater internal marketing

Organizations usually understand the importance of external marketing — that is, marketing to target audiences for goods, services, and nonprofit causes. Yet many organizations do not understand that internal marketing — that is, marketing to employees — can be equally important.

And even organizations that do understand internal marketing often are not clear how best to do this.

In the old days (read before the Internet) printed company newsletters were used to disseminate company news. Often these newsletters had such features as an employee of the month or the top-selling sales associate of the week.

Eventually company-wide email blasts announcing employee news replaced many company print newsletters.

Yet as we all get more and more emails each day we tend to skip over many of the hundreds of announcements in our digital inbox.

How then today can an organization effectively cut through the digital clutter to reach its internal audiences?

Enplug’s digital signage software provides a cutting-edge solution to this question:

Enplug devices attach to TV screens in the workplace, enabling real-time content from numerous sources to stream on an organization’s screens. Want to show to restaurant employees the tweets from grateful customers? Stream those hashtagged tweets live via Enplug. Want to feature a short video interview of the employee of the month? Stream it via Enplug.

Enplug screen at Fremont College
While this Enplug solution can be used at single locations, the true power of the solution lies in sharing the same content across far-flung locations. For example, a franchisor can share relevant content across all store locations to enable employees to “meet” and connect with other employees. This fostering of a united community can be a very important organizational goal.

Hector Cabral, Executive Director at Inka Franchise Corp, describes how he connected his company’s franchise locations using Enplug’s on-premise live social media walls:

“Both customers and staff love seeing their posts on the screen along with posts from other locations, helping to link our brand across our nationwide locations.”

Remember, while an organization wants to brag about its accomplishments to the outside world, it is also a good idea to brag to employees about what the organization has accomplished. This helps employees feel that their work is important and not just a means to a paycheck. (For an effective utilization of this principle, see the Meltwater case study.)

Enplug digital signage  for Pollo Inka internal marketing #polloinkaexpress

Of course, the Enplug solution is also excellent for external marketing, including streaming social proof of loyal customers or fans who have shared hashtagged updates on social media.

Whether your organization wants to improve its internal or external marketing — or both — check out the Enplug solution at www.enplug.com