How do netlogx and LifeShare align, and how did they come together? It has to do with 2 fundamental beliefs that the companies and their founders have in common:

    1. We CARE deeply about people and our communities
    2. We have unique gifts and talents that allow us to draw on technology and innovation to help solve problems so people and communities can thrive And when two companies and their founders have similar missions and passions, they are destined to come together to solve even bigger problems, like the escalating costs of keeping our seniors healthy and cared for in the United States.

For LifeShare, it all started when a grandson was faced with the difficult task of moving his grandmother to a nursing home where he felt her connection to friends and family would deteriorate due to proximity and the busy schedules of loved ones. In 2011 this grandson and his colleagues sat down with administrators at a senior living community to get feedback on an idea – an idea on how to enable better communication for residents and their families. LifeShare Technologies was created to help senior care providers facilitate improved connections between residents, staff, and families using existing technology like TVs. From that initial vision, a tech ecosystem emerged, serving residents, families, and senior living staff with simple tech solutions for real challenges.

For netlogx, it all started with a young boy accompanying his Auntie Kath, a nurse, as she traveled in rural areas of the UK. He watched the relationship evolve between patient and caregiver, it became much more than Band-Aids and medications, it became personalized care, about the patient, the family, and the wellness overall (spiritual, behavioral, physical); a connection to the outside world. As a young man transitioning to life in the US, the netlogx co-founder observed the health care system and felt the care had become lost from healthcare. And he wondered if harnessing the innovation of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, could we make it better / more economical /actual “high-touch” care again? Can users become empowered and engaged AND become more responsible for their well-being? Is there a way to make it so simple that it doesn’t take a PhD to make it work, and could it be economical…what do folks already have that we can use so it’s affordable?

Wouldn’t you know it, in the normal course of pursuing their separate missions and beliefs, the founders of netlogx and LifeShare meet; and together begin to design a life-changing bundle of technology and services to determine problems and recommend solution options to drive the outcomes that matter. LifeShare + netlogx = lifelogx; OUR solution to extend Auntie Kath care – an investment in our mutual core beliefs of caring for people and community.