LifeWell Senior Living, based primarily in Texas, currently has four communities using LifeShare’s CommunityShare product, but will be adding additional communities in the new year. In the six months since deploying CommunityShare, LifeWell has seen an impact in their communities. Schon Alkire, Corporate Manager of Lifestyle Innovation, described the system as “very intuitive, easy to use, and economical.” Adding that when needing assistance, “LifeShare is ‘Johnny on the Spot.’”

The unit where LifeWell has seen the most benefits is in Memory Care. Candace Logan, Memory Care Coordinator Legacy at Forest Ridge, reiterated the benefits LifeShare has had for her Memory Care residence when describing her LifeShare experience.

“The best thing that the residents get out of LifeShare is smiles. The pictures, videos, and birthday announcements allow residents to see themselves on TV because they don’t see it as LifeShare, they see it as TV. Seeing themselves on TV makes them feel good and special, and they should because they are special people. It is also a great opportunity for friends and family to see their loved ones doing activities and having fun. They may not get to visit as often as they like, but they don’t have to miss out on seeing their loved ones enjoying themselves.”

Mr. Alkire has also described the Music Channel on LifeShare, provided by Coro Health, as a hidden gem. Music is one of the greatest tools in Memory Care. On Fridays, Ms. Logan and her staff make the Memory Care residents’ breakfast. They always put LifeShare’s music channel on, and residents enjoy the opportunity to socialize and reminisce. They love listening and then looking at the song information.

In Memory Care, each day is its own unique challenge. Some days the games come easily to them, other days they do not. However, Ms. Logan ensures her residents are having fun by putting a positive spin on the learning experience. Her residents’ favorite LifeShare game is Name that Croon. Having LifeShare in their Memory Care unit also allows for more flexibility in activity scheduling. Mr. Alkire loves that LifeWell’s activity departments can offer choice in activities and run smaller groups simultaneously. For example, those who are not interested in painting can listen to music or play games on LifeShare.

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