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Do you constantly stare at your social media channels wondering what to post? Do you try to get creative but instead get ignored by your fans? You’re not alone. Businesses across the world often feel pressured to come up with unique content that’s new and different. We have a solution.

Break out your editorial calendar and check out these 32 themed social media promotions you can use for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

25 Themed Social Promotions for Brands

You can set up weekly posts with specific themes or pick a different type of content for each day of the month. Once you get your creative juices flowing, the content (and the engagement) will come naturally.

Behind-the-Scenes Peeks: People love to see what goes on behind the scenes. Share photos or video highlighting how your products are made or what your staff does throughout the day.

New Products Teasers: Hint at what’s coming up with an image teaser or suggestive post. Keep your fans guessing what’s new and exciting.

Employee Profiles: Give your staff a shoutout with a weekly or monthly employee profile. Share their interests, their strengths, and how long they have been at the company to add a human face to your business.   

Man Crush Monday/Woman Crush Wednesday: Use #MCM or #WCW to profile your staff or inspiring people in your industry. Who pioneered your field? Who is changing the game? Acknowledge the men or women you admire.

Hiring Announcements: Are you looking to hire? Your best talent is in your fanbase. Post about job listings and provide instructions on how to apply.

Holidays Every Day: Pancake Day, Take a Nap Day, Middle Child’s Day, oh my! There’s a holiday for almost every day and you can always join the fun.

Trending Tags: Check what’s trending and see if you can link a celebrity, meme, or news story to your business. Watch out for potentially sensitive content, though!

Hot Memes: Memes are hot for only a few days, so it takes a quick wit to jump on a trend. Follow what the kids are joking about and join the conversation with your own meme creation.

Sporting Events: March Madness, the Super Bowl, the Olympics, or your local community teams – the possibilities are endless! Find a way to tie these events to your business with a discount or special event or just congratulate the competing teams.

Philanthropy: Do you give back and have a way for your customers to join in? Encourage people to drop off canned goods, pet supplies, gently used coats, or whatever you are collecting to support local charities. Bonus points if you start a friendly competition with another company to see who can collect the most!

Event Promotions: What are the top events coming up at your business or in your area? Increase awareness and grow your RSVP count with regular event promotions.

Blog Post Sharing: Do you post weekly or even monthly blog content? Schedule space on your calendar to share blog posts and drive traffic to what you write.  

Reshare Past Posts: Look at your blog posts that were successful in the past and reshare them a few weeks or months after the initial buzz dies down. You can also tweak and reshare content that didn’t generate traffic as a way of giving it new life.

Throwback Thursday: When in doubt, throwback to the past. Share posts from a few weeks, months, or even years ago to bring back memories of your business.

Taco Tuesday/Wine Down Wednesday/Finally Friday: You don’t have to operate a restaurant to promote Taco Tuesday or Wine Down Wednesday. Show your staff out at lunch or welcome your fans to the weekend with a fun and creative post.

Industry In the News: Curate content that you find across the web about your industry. This turns your social media page into a hub of useful and interesting information. You don’t always have to talk about yourself!

Polls and Questions: When in doubt, ask your fans what they think. Ask which new menu items they would prefer or services they find the most valuable. Use these polls to create fun content that taps into friendly competition.   

GIF Responses: How does it feel when XYZ? Let us know in the comments with a GIF! This is an easy way to create a fun post that gets a lot of comments.

Customer Content Sharing: Check your tags and hashtags for customer experiences,  comments, reviews, and photos. Share this content weekly and thank your fans for being so awesome.  

FAQ and Advice: Turn your customer questions into content. Share frequently asked questions and address concerns that new customers might have before they visit. (Where to park and what to wear are two examples.)  

Giveaways: Set aside a day each week or once per month for a contest. Encourage customers to comment, answer questions, or submit photos to win. You can also use this as a customer appreciation strategy.

Image Scrambles: Zoom in on an image and ask fans to guess what it is. You can tie this in with a giveaway to turn a fun post into a competitive contest.   

Educational Posts: What are the origins of the Cuban sandwich? What is a spark plug anyway? Share photos and go in-depth to provide useful information to your fans.

What You’re Listening To: Share your store playlist or live music lineup to let customers know what jams you’re enjoying (and why they should come on down).   

Inspirational Quotes: Find a moving quote or image and share it with your fans. You can set a moving or exciting tone for the day with your themed social promotions.

Discover Other Ways to Engage With Customers

Social media is a useful tool for connecting with new customers, engaging existing customers, and drawing them both to your business. Use these 32 themed social promotions to always keep your social feeds fresh with new content.  

For more customer engagement ideas, check out our resource section and our free Exceptional Customer Experiences eBook to get tips about how you can connect with your audience, bring them into your store, and win them over once they’re there.