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When marketers think about lead generation, many typically think about the online world. They imagine online opt-in forms or newsletter sign-ups. But, lead generation doesn’t have to take place solely in the digital world.

You can collect customer information and data from in-store shoppers using in-store lead generation tools. These tools are not only effective and useful for your business, but they can also provide elevated experiences for prospects shopping in your store.

Here are a few ways you can generate leads using in-store marketing tools and tactics.


Give Incentives for Joining Your List

It’s not enough to just have the tools for having customers sign up for your list. You also need to give shoppers a reason for joining. Most customers are reluctant to give their information without getting something in return. So create valuable offers and opportunities that make the exchange worthwhile for the customer.

  • Provide coupons and discounts. These offers could be immediate rewards or something you send to them at a later date.
  • Give access to exclusive content or events. Make customers feel special and generate leads by giving shoppers special access to digital content libraries or in-store events.
  • Run a customer contest. Allow shoppers to sign up for a chance to win something small (like coupons or discounts) or go big with a contest that offers big prizes (like free merchandise or trips).
  • Play games or offer trivia. Challenge shoppers to games or trivia and request their contact information for access to participate or win prizes associated with the games.
  • Create customer loyalty programs. Give continued value to customers over time through a loyalty program that rewards them for coming back to your business again and again.

Offer Free Customer Wi-Fi

Giving customers access to your Wi-Fi may sound like an offer to provide a better experience inside your store. People love to find free Wi-Fi hotspots. But, providing this service can actually be a marketing tactic that helps you generate leads.

Through Wi-Fi marketing, you can set up a system that allows shoppers to access your Wi-Fi network. To access the network, shoppers must provide their contact information. This system enables your business to collect customer contact data and add them to your list.

In addition to being a lead generation tool, free customer Wi-Fi also presents you with opportunities to market to users and promote other lead generation incentives. You can design custom landing pages that welcome users and share messages about your latest offers.

For even more ideas about how you can use free in-store Wi-Fi to connect with customers, check out our post: 7 Reasons Why Free Customer Wi-Fi Is a Secret, Ninja Marketing Tool.

Place Interactive Touchscreens in Your Location  

The reason most marketers think about online platforms as the method for lead generation is because that is the easiest, most direct way to collect information from users. You ask them for the information, and they enter it through a digital form.

You can bring this online process into your store by placing interactive digital touchscreens around your location. With interactive touchscreens, you give shoppers an easy way to provide their contact information and thus, generate leads for your business.

Host an Event

You can draw customers to your store and collect contact information from them when they get there by hosting an in-store event. Events, such as free demo days, open houses, special hours, pop-ups for new brands, trainings, and workshops attract both existing customers and new audiences who may not be familiar with your brand.

They also give you plenty of opportunities to generate leads. You can require emails address or phone number to participate. Or, you can use the event as an opportunity to promote other incentives, such as signing up for exclusive content, entering contests, or participating in games.

Promote Sign-up Incentives Throughout Your Store

Once you have a system for collecting leads and incentives that will encourage users to sign up for your list, you need to make sure that shoppers know about the opportunities and use in-store marketing tools to promote the incentives throughout your store.

  • Utilize overhead messaging to catch shopper attention and inform them about your incentives.
  • In between content on digital signage, share promotions for joining your list.
  • Place signage in areas where customers typically wait or spend time (in fitting rooms, waiting areas, near check-out lines, etc.).
  • Use branded frames and digital overlays on your content to keep your promotions in front of customers even as they watch private label TV or live cable pass-through.
  • Highlight contests, deals, and incentives on attention-grabbing video walls.

Come Right Out and Ask

With so many digital tools at our fingertips, we can sometimes forget that in-person communication can also be an effective way to generate leads. Teach your sales team and associates to encourage customers to join your list.

  • Train greeters to mention incentives as customers enter the store.
  • Advise cashiers to ask for email addresses when shoppers are finalizing their purchase.
  • Encourage your sales team to promote offers that customers get in exchange for joining your list.

Digital tools are great and effective. But to get the most sign-ups, train your team on the available offers and how to introduce those incentives to customers. If a customer asks a staff member about a lead generation program, the associate should know all of the details and benefits.

Start Generating Leads From In-store Customers  

To grow your list and start generating more leads for your business, stop thinking about lead generation as just an online or digital tactic. Use these in-store lead generation tips to gather data from engaged customers who are already inside of your business.

For more information on the tools and tactics, you can use to connect with in-store shoppers, check out our free ebook. The guide looks at the many ways you can use audio and video to engage customers and collect their contact details to build a valuable list of leads.