It’s easy to get caught up in the world of digital media and marketing. There’s pressure to create engaging blog content while growing your social media presence, SEO, and digital authority.

However, this doesn’t mean that traditional marketing tactics are obsolete. On the contrary, many digital marketing strategies actually go hand-in-hand with traditional content, making your promotion efforts doubly effective. 

Check out these ten traditional marketing tactics that shouldn’t be left out of your advertising plan. 

1. Send Out Press Releases

Press releases continue to reign as one of the top traditional marketing tactics on the market. If there is important news or updates to your business, create a press release and send it to local journalists in your area. You might get a mention in the local paper or receive coverage on nearby TV stations. 

Try to identify compelling stories that news audiences would like. These include feel-good stories or unique opportunities that people in your area couldn’t get elsewhere. 

2. Write a Column in the Local Paper

Consider contacting your local paper and asking about being a columnist either monthly or weekly (whatever bandwidth you can handle). Use this space to show your expertise to potential customers. 

For example, an accountant can explain complex financial concepts, or a veterinarian can offer advice for pet training and care. This will boost your name recognition within your other marketing efforts.  

3. Invest in Print Advertising

Along with getting your name in the paper for free, you can support small papers while growing your brand by buying print ads. You can feature your brand for a few hundred dollars in a beautiful advertisement or advertorial.

Choose your placement in the paper carefully. A smoothie bar or athletic supply store can place their ads near the high school sports coverage, while an accountant can buy ad space in the finance section. This way, your ad reaches the exact people who need your products or services. 

4. Improve Your External Signage

Capturing foot traffic is still an incredibly popular way to reach new customers. There are likely places that you walk or drive past every day and wonder about, just because their signs are engaging. Look at the impression your business gives from the outside. Is it time to brush up on your signage and curb appeal? A makeover could have a huge impact on your business.  

5. Update Your In-Store Signage 

Your in-store signage can be just as beneficial for your business as your outdoor signs. When customers come inside your business for the first time, they need help navigating your location and understanding your products. Digital signage helps customers find their way and learn about your brand and offerings. 

6. Sponsor Local Organizations and Teams

Along with supporting local newspapers, you can also grow your community and use traditional marketing tactics by sponsoring local teams and organizations. Many nonprofits are open to different sponsorship levels and will happily promote your brand to their audiences if you are willing to support them. 

Consider which organizations would be a good fit for your brand. For example, a local plant nursery could sponsor the college garden club or neighborhood association.

7. Host Events

Create fun and engaging reasons for people to visit your business. Events are a great way to drum up excitement and turn interested audiences into buying customers. Many local comic book stores thrive by putting on mini-cons or hosting game nights and other small events. They build a community with their events and give customers something to look forward to. 

If your business isn’t necessarily in a “fun” industry (like a dentist or real estate firm), consider hosting classes or other professional development classes to help members of your community. Anything to bring in a few dozen people to your business.  

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8. Set Up Referral Programs

Referral marketing is still one of the best ways to turn your customers into brand ambassadors. Studies show that 77% of customers are more likely to buy from a new brand when it is recommended by a friend, and there are more than 2.4 billion brand-related conversations per day. 

You can tap into these conversations by developing a referral program. Encourage customers to send their friends and family to your business with referral cards and in-house signage. Offer discounts or bonuses for customers who join and mention a friend.  

9. Participate in Trade Shows and Conferences

If you’re trying to get in front of your customers, go where they are in droves. Conferences and trade shows bring together hundreds of people from across the region – and sometimes from across the country. You can talk with dozens of potential leads each how and show off your expertise with demos and presentations if you serve as a speaker. 

Map out a dozen trade shows that you would like to attend per year, and try to make it to at least one per quarter. Use the time in between to generate leads and follow-up with people you met after you leave.

10. Attend Professional Networking Events 

Along with attending various major conferences during the year, you can also turn to smaller networking events and professional groups. Look for local meetups and coffee or cocktail hours that you can attend. 

If you run a B2C business, you may be able to host one of these events in your location. This is a great way to boost your referrals and develop leads for your brand. 

Create a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy for Your Business

If you have a hard time juggling digital and traditional content, consider working with Spectrio to build up your traditional marketing tactics alongside your digital efforts. 

We focus on a variety of in-store marketing strategies that support a holistic marketing strategy that brings in customers and markets to them once they arrive. To learn more, check out our resources section or downloading our free Retail Customer Experience Checklist