person using an interactive makeup display

Retail stores have a major obstacle in their competition with online retailers — the ease of letting your fingers find the right item in the right department is usually not available in retail stores. This competitor issue can be effectively addressed by retail digital signage.

retail digital signage

Two different types of digital signage software can provide a solution for brick-and-mortar establishments to help those retailers compete with online retailers.

With Enplug’s flexible digital signage, you can set up TV display screens that allow customers to let their fingers do the walking. Want to know where the children’s section is located? Click on the listing for children’s clothing.

If you use Enplug’s Zoning App, you can choose to offer special promotions on part of the screen while showcasing the directory or wayfinding features in the main section of the display screen.

Thanks to the ease of Enplug’s dashboard, changing the special promotions takes only a few seconds. For example, if you run out of an item you are promoting, you can quickly switch the offer to another item.

Use display screens throughout your store to help customers navigate

Perhaps your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is that your store carries a large selection of cotton-only sweaters for people whose skin is sensitive to wool. Instead of displaying these sweaters the same way as other merchandise in your store, make this USP merchandise stand out with a large display screen positioned next to the merchandise.

Besides stating that this is the USP section, using Enplug’s Zoning App you can provide information on cotton clothing care, where the cotton used in the sweaters is grown, and other interesting information.

Bonus: Use digital signage at checkout stations

Once customers have merchandise in hand and are waiting to check out, you still haven’t made the sale. Perhaps the line is long and customers become impatient and abandon the merchandise. Or perhaps the customers forgot to buy that special scarf on promotion and now don’t want to lose their place in line to go back for the scarf.

Digital signage can help in both scenarios:

To keep customers patiently waiting in lines, share entertainment and information on display screens in the checkout line. Social media walls can be especially valuable here in encouraging social proof.  Click here for a post on captivating captive audiences.

To help forgetful customers buy that scarf on promotion, have supplies of the promoted scarf alongside the checkout lines with digital signage display screens announcing the promotion and the availability.

Want to learn more about how Enplug digital signage can help retail stores meet the competition of online retailers, request a free demo now.