If better sales are what you’re after, in-store overhead messages should be a key component in your business strategy!

Studies show (The Checkout Issue 2.12) that 2 out of 3 impulse purchases are due to a promotion that a customer just couldn’t pass up, and more than 60 percent of those customers purchase an additional 1 to 3 products.

So, how do you get your customers to make those impulse purchases?

If your business has overhead or background music playing during store hours, intersperse short marketing messages every 5 to 10 minutes. Not sure what to say in these overhead messages?

Here are 7 ideas to get you started:

1. Give customers information about specials and direct them to the correct store location.

2. Let them know what’s on sale.

3. Tell them what’s fresh.

4. Suggest add-ons to items they might already be purchasing.

5. Remind them about your valuable warranty or insurance program.

6. Promote holiday-themed items in the weeks leading up to a holiday.

7. Feature new items.

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