ID-100202871 (1)The answer to this one is really going to depend on your callers.

You don’t want them to hear the same hold music every time they call – after all, unless you have a really amazing piece of original music that you know everyone in the world adores (and if you do…please, share a link so we can take a listen!), the same songs can get annoying after hearing them 4 or 5 times within a short period.

If you have lots of repeat callers, you’ll want to change your hold music more often to make sure it’s fresh. There are no “Golden Rules” here, but a monthly music change is a good option for companies that have many repeat callers.

If the majority of your callers are either first-time callers or they are only ringing your phone a couple times a year, a less frequent music change should be sufficient – something more along the lines of a quarterly update.

If your callers are on hold for long periods – more than 3 or 4 minutes at a time – you’ll want to change your hold music more frequently so callers are not hearing the same block of songs in the same order every time they call you.

If your callers are on hold for short periods of time – one minute or less – you can get away with changing your hold music less frequently because callers are not as likely to hear the same song (or part of a song) even if they call multiple times.

So while we can’t make a blanket recommendation for every company, we do suggest changing your on hold music quarterly at the very least. If you have repeat callers or you place customers on hold for longer periods of time, you should think about changing your hold music monthly.

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