hold messages for a food distributorWriting on hold messages for a food distributor is easier – and more fun – than it sounds! Just as your customers are creative with the food they purchase from you, writing copy about food can be playful and imaginative, and filled with descriptions that will really get mouths watering. But as with any marketing, your content is going to depend on how frequently you will be updating your messages. Read on for some of our best suggestions.

Monthly Changes

Most of our current food distributor clients are on a monthly or more frequent program, which allows for a completely new on hold production at least once a month.

If you’re able to change your audio frequently, you’ll want to mention your current specials, or upcoming sales, as well as dated messages that mention specific months or days.


October is National Apple Month! ABC Food Distributing is stocked and ready to help you celebrate everything apple. From apple pies, to apple cider, to apple appetizers and more, we’ve got plenty of ways to add this autumn favorite to your menu, including several October-only specials. Ask us for details when we join you on the line!

Celebrate National Salad Month by serving up spectacular healthy and nutritious salads from ABC Food Distributing! We have everything you need to create sensational salads – fresh, ripe vegetables, delicious dressings, crunchy croutons – even serving utensils and salad bowls! So make May a month of marvelous munching – with a little help from ABC Food Distributing!

Quarterly Changes

If you’re on a less frequent update program, you’ll want to avoid mentioning specific months or holidays. But that doesn’t mean you can’t customize your content! Add seasonal messages and themes to your messages, to give your callers the feeling of the current season. It’s a creative way to add flair to your on hold production, without making frequent updates.


Summer’s here, the mercury’s rising, and the demand for ice cream is growing every day! ABC Food Distributing has all of the classic favorites your customers love, as well as delicious and decadent gourmet flavors too. We also can supply all the novelties, cones, cups, spoons and all the toppings you need. So offer your customers cold, refreshing ice cream this summer. No matter what flavors you serve, you’re sure to make a mint!

In the gray depths of winter, the colors, flavors and textures of summer seem so far away. The savory juiciness of red, ripe tomatoes. The crunch of carrots. The snap of celery. But where can you find fresh produce in the colder seasons? Right here at ABC Food Distributing! The chillier temperatures won’t ever stop us from delivering the finest freshest fruits and vegetables right to your door! ABC Food Distributing – delivering the freshness your customers crave, all year round.

Holiday Ideas

Everyone has different holiday traditions. Whether your foodservice customers offer dine-in or quick service items, business often picks up around certain holidays. Be sure to promote your holiday selections early, so your customers have time to place and receive their orders to stock up for these busy days and seasons.


Romantic candlelit dinners for two, charming cocktails, decadent desserts…Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Are you in the mood yet? Get everything you need to prepare for the most amorous day of the year, right here at ABC Food Distributing. With our fantastic selection of share-able appetizers, high-quality meats and seafood, mixers, vegetables, and desserts, your customers will be counting the ways they love your business!

Planning a holiday party or New Year’s Celebration? ABC Food Distributing Hors D’Oeuvres are a must have for your event! Our wide assortment of elegant hors d’oeuvres will make any event an affair to remember. Skewers, shrimp, canapes, brochettes, puff pastry and more, all artfully presented and deliciously prepared. There are many different styles for a range of budgets, so be sure to ask us about our selection today!

Go With the Flow

Of course, if you already have a yearly marketing plan in place, you probably know what you’ll be advertising during different times of the year. We recommend working with your marketing department to coordinate your efforts. But don’t be afraid to get creative and showcase your company’s personality.

Food-related copywriting should be as fun as the food itself, but if you find yourself stuck in a writing rut, give us a call or contact us here! We have a team of professional copywriters that would be happy to bring your food distributor on hold messages to life!