If you’ve ever recorded an automated hold message for your business phone line, you know how difficult it can be.

Recording a message that sounds natural and welcoming while remaining professional isn’t easy. Usually, when a business asks an internal staff member to record the message, it comes out choppy and awkward or stale and flat.

It’s a task that is difficult for a staff member to jump into and deliver a great final product because recording on-hold messages isn’t a miscellaneous task that should be assigned to anyone with a nice-sounding voice. It’s a job that should be reserved for the professionals.


The Benefit of Using a Professional Voice Talent for On-Hold Messaging

If you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to record a polished, pro on-hold message, it’s probably because you aren’t working with a professional voice over artist.

Professional voice over artists are trained and experienced. They know how to use the right tone, volume, and speaking speed to deliver a natural sounding message. They also know how to deliver the message in a few takes, rather than continuing to make mistakes and start over multiple times.

When you hire professional voice talent for on-hold messaging, you will:

  • Save yourself time and energy. You won’t need to work long hours to get one good take of your message.
  • Save your employees from stress. You won’t need to assign the task to someone who isn’t a trained voice over artist, which will relieve them from the stress of being assigned work they are ill-equipped to complete.
  • Improve the production quality. If you work with a professional voice over artist, they will likely know how to best record your message to ensure the highest quality of production and delivery.
  • Improve the customer’s impression of your brand. When you provide a polished on-hold message that doesn’t sound like it was quickly thrown together by an inexperienced team, you show your customers that you are committed to providing professionalism from top to bottom.

So if you are struggling with recording your on-hold message yourself, stop. Hire an expert who can deliver the message you want at the high quality you need.


Where to Find Voice Talent for Your On-Hold Messaging

To find voice-over talent for your messaging, you have two options.

  1. You can hire a freelance voice over artist to record the message you created.
  2. You can work with a company that provides both voice over talent and help with creating your on-hold message.


Spectrio provides both voice talent and content creation.

We work with our clients to produce scripts that highlight their offerings and reinforce their branding. We then match our clients with one of our many professional voice over artists and record the message at the highest level of production quality.


Types of Voice Talent for On-hold Messaging

Another benefit of working a full-scale hold message production company is that you can choose from a wide selection of voice over talent. You have more options when it comes to choosing the type of voice over talent that best matches your brand and organization.


Female Voices

If you are looking to bring a friendly and approachable sound to your messaging, a female voice may suit your needs. Our female voice talents can make your message sound warm, cheerful, and bright to corporate, polished, and sophisticated.


Click here to hear all of our female voice over samples. 


Male Voices

To invigorate your brand with a deep, professional sound, you may want to try using a male voice over. Male voices can reflect branding that is deep, robust, and authoritative to hip, edgy, and energetic.

Dan C: Friendly, Inviting, With A Fresh Smooth Tone

John H: Professional, Polished, Trustworthy

Chuck B: Genuine Announcer Style, Full And Dynamic
Click here to listen to all of our male voice over samples.


International Voices

If your brand has more specific needs, you can find a voice over artist who can provide your brand with multiple languages and accents. Our roster of international voice artists can deliver French, Australian, Spanish and British accents and languages.

Sylvie: French Female

Sarah: British Female

Paul H: Spanish Male
Click here to explore our full list of international voice samples.


Industry Voices

If you aren’t sure what type of voice goes best with your business, try browsing samples organized by industry. We have a full library of samples in industries ranging from dentistry and medical to health clubs and hair salons.

Building Supply: Lisa J.

Insurance: R.D.

Medical: John R.
Click here to browse our complete library of industry samples. 


Recording an on-hold message may seem like a simple task that can be quickly executed. But once you understand how the right voice talent for on-hold messaging can simplify the process and provide an elevated final product, you’ll see that hiring professional help is a better, more cost-effective, and efficient way to go.

So are you ready to stop wasting time, resources, and energy trying to record (and re-record) a professional and polished hold message for your business?

Contact us today to find out how we can match you with a professional voice over artist who will help you create hold messaging that informs, motivates, and retains callers — all while presenting your brand in a professional way.