There are many businesses that would be enhanced with background music, but retail might just be one of the best venues! Here are a few statistics we’ve gathered.

— 63.3% of consumers have been influenced by a store’s atmosphere.

— Almost 85% of higher income clientele has been influenced by a store’s atmosphere.

— 79% of consumers in the UK say that music encourages them to stay in stores longer.

According to Immedia‘s Dr. Vicky Williamson:

“Music can profoundly affect our mood, emotions and energy levels. Studies have shown that we naturally exploit these effects everyday by using music to optimise our state of mind.This…demonstrates how similarly important ‘background music’ is to our shopping experiences.”

In fact, approximately 70% of retailers agreed that in-store music increased their sales! The answer is obvious: almost any store would greatly benefit from playing background music.

The challenge is in choosing the right music for your shoppers. Who are they? What season is it? Where is your store located? What image do you want to portray? These are just a few items you’ll need to look at before deciding the genre and playlist for background music at your retail store.

Spectrio offers a wide variety of background music selections and we are able to customize a playlist to any store’s exact demographic and brand specification. If you’d like details about our Atmospheres background music, visit our website, call us at 800.584.4653 x6382 or send us an email!

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