spectrio case studyby Denise English, Spectrio Creative Consultant


Mandy Armstrong has more than twenty-two years experience in the broadcast industry and brings expertise in a large number of areas. She began her career in Canada, studying at the University of Calgary and eventually participating in the broadcasting specialty department at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. There she majored in Broadcast News but also studied film, radio, television and many other areas of broadcasting.


Mandy began work in the broadcast industry in Hawaii, where she worked for several radio and television stations. Her work included Program Director at KCCN AM/FM100 radio and News Anchor at KINE, Hawaiian 105, KRTR, I-94 and KHVH. Mandy was a D.J. and morning show host on FM-100, I-94 and KCCN as well. She did many television commercials and voiced, wrote and produced countless radio spots. Mandy was also an M.C. for several large concerts and events, and even appeared on local television shows.


Mandy Armstrong continued her career when she moved to California, working as a news anchor once again, and eventually as a morning show host and news anchor at KWXY. She started working as a voice talent for Audio Marketing Systems in 2007, which was later acquired by what is now Spectrio.


Mandy’s performance experience includes expertise in announcing, acting, singing, and performing as an M.C. for major events. Her other skills include script, news and story writing; producing; and management.


Mandy Armstrong has developed a versatility of style that allows her to easily transition from a professional news sound, to approachable and friendly, to wistful and elegant. Her background in acting and singing enhance her ability to produce the specific sound that a client requires, regardless of their industry. Be sure to choose Mandy for your next audio production.


Listen here, to see why Mandy Armstrong is our Voice of Choice!