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Depending on the number of displays you plan on using throughout your building, digital directory signage installation can be a major project. Outsourcing your installation to a contractor is highly recommended for both time efficiency and guest safety.

The digital directory software provider you choose will have a major impact on the type of contractor you hire. With turnkey solutions like Enplug, your only contracting need will be for installing your digital display. However, if you choose a provider who doesn’t offer a plug and play software solution, your installation may be trickier and require a system integrator or digital signage specialist.

With that in mind, choose below for the installation information for your project:

  • General Contractors & AV Specialists (Display Installation)
  • System Integrators & Digital Signage Specialists (Display & Software Installation)

General Contractors

General contractors are going to be the easiest and most cost-effective solution for installing digital displays. General contractors will help you mount your display(s), hide wiring, and connect to power and internet. Again, this is assuming your device is plug and play ready. Check out these three trained professional networks for your digital directory signage installation:

Field Nation Field Nation offers you an easy-to-use dashboard for finding skilled workers for things like a digital display installation. Within their app, you can view contractors’ profiles, document workflows along the way, and even pay at the completion of the project. We recommend Field Nation to all of our customers looking to install new displays.

OnForce OnForce is another great tool for sourcing field service talent. You can connect with independent freelance contractors for the job you need and even set the price you want to pay.

Craigslist If you’re looking for the cheapest possible solution for your digital directory installation, Craigslist offers a wide range of opportunities. However, with the time it takes to vet the field of options, going with one of the two above is a much more efficient (and safer) bet.

System Integrators & Digital Signage Specialists

If you decided to go with a solution that isn’t turnkey, you will need a system integrator or digital signage specialist to get up and running. These professionals will help you get your software onto a device and set it up on your display, which can be costly. Check out these two trained professional networks for finding a system integrator and digital signage specialist:

Work Market Work Market is a great freelance management system for digital signage installations specifically. You can easily search for specialists in your city based on the skills you are looking for.

SCN Top 50 The SCN Top 50 is an annual list put together by the AV Network, which includes the 50 best systems integrators solutions. If you’re in the market, you should definitely consider some of these before you make your decision!

We highly recommend turnkey digital directory signage software for an overall simpler installation experience. However, no matter the method you choose, it’s important to note the following rules and regulations for installation safety.

Verify Your Contractor

After selecting your contractor, be sure to get their license number and verify that they are licensed within your state. You can do that by searching here.

Follow County, State & Federal Safety Codes

Depending on your county and state, you will likely have a set of unique fire and safety codes to follow for your display installation.

There are also a number of federal fire and safety codes to follow along with county and state. However, your contractor should be aware of all county, state, and federal codes.

Final Note: Display Casings

Some buildings opt to include a display enclosure or casing for their digital directory signage. You can go with the standard glass or plastic casings, or even get creative and use a wooden or customized display frame (our personal favorite). Whatever you choose based on the aesthetic design of your location, it’s important to note that you should have the casing ready to install along with your display and make sure your contractor is aware of the casing beforehand. This will eliminate any issues with your install.