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Are you sold on using Enplug digital signage software, yet you are unsure how to persuade your manager or team?

Believe us — we’ve heard all the common objections to implementing Enplug. With that in mind, we put together this “cheat sheet” to help you answer some of the most common objections.

Enplug digital signage

1) Too difficult to set up

In the past, digital signage was cumbersome, requiring dedicated servers and hours of paid training. In addition, companies had to have their IT staff set up and maintain the hardware and software.

Enplug’s digital signage solutions are so simple that anyone can set these up in approximately 15 minutes per TV display. Many of our customers do not even need their IT departments to be involved.

Enplug’s setup is three simple steps:

  1. Plug the Enplug device into your TV screen.
  2. Connect to your Wi-Fi network.
  3. Enable content from the Enplug App Market.

And that’s it!

The first time I logged in to the Enplug system, it only took 10 minutes to fully populate all my content without any formalized training.

Brady M. Kazar, Director of Digital Marketing
Young Presidents’ Organization

2) Digital signage costs too much

Enplug’s pricing is on a subscription basis to benefit customers in several important ways:

The latest updates and features are automatically provided with unlimited free cloud storage, and all customers have ongoing dedicated customer support. Because of these benefits, many software tools such as Photoshop have been transitioning to a subscription service.

Enplug’s pricing is also transparent with no hidden surprises, and the price per screen decreases as more screens are added.

Click here to read more about the advantages of a monthly subscription service.

Enplug helps you save money, especially as the system is housed on Enplug’s Amazon cloud servers rather than on your own servers. The system is so efficient to use, it also saves time — and costs — for your employees. One employee can manage the content across multiple screens and multiple locations.

Enplug also helps you make money:

  • Announce new products and promotions to increase revenue
  • Sell advertising space on your displays
  • Add new menu items easily so menus are always up-to-date
  • Display five-star Yelp and TripAdvisor reviews
  • Display sales metrics and contests to motivate your sales team
  • Provide ongoing training across all your locations
  • Recognize high-performing employees

For all of these reasons, digital signage does not cost too much.

Enplug is brilliant marketing. It pays for itself.

Jay Huffschmidt, Director of Marketing
Beverly Hills Porsche

3) Existing communications are good enough

What is good enough? If your company wants to stay in business, you must provide products or services that are NOT merely “good enough.” They must be the best.  And your communications with your employees and customers must also be the best.

Using Enplug for internal communications cuts through the clutter of company emails and internal messaging. It can be especially engaging in employee break rooms (read more).

Or use Enplug to entertain and inform patrons waiting for an event to start or standing in a checkout line (see these ideas).

Coming from Australia, Enplug has provided unique and unprecedented access to global initiatives and events taking place in real-time.
Jonathon Coleman, Business Improvement & Strategy, Australia & New Zealand

4) Cloud-based digital signage isn’t secure

Many managers have inquired whether using a cloud-based service for their digital signage is a security risk for their companies.

However, cloud-based solutions such as Enplug can be just at secure as on-premise solutions. In addition, Enplug uses state-of-the-art security measures including Amazon Web Services, which protects your data with SSL encryption using servers hosted at a state-of-the-art SSAE-16 certified, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliant data center.

Enplug’s customers include banks, government research laboratories, and Fortune 500 companies that appreciate the security of our platform. (Check out Enplug’s security FAQs.)

5) Managing digital signage is a distraction

How much time is managing digital signage going to take away from company business?

Just one person needs to use Enplug’s web-based dashboard to manage content across multiple screens and multiple locations.

With the automatic content available through the Enplug App Market, a few minutes each week can be enough to ensure that the organization’s digital signage goals are being carried out.

6) Too difficult to create digital signage content

Enplug provides a great deal of ready-made content through the Enplug App Market, including feeds for news and weather. There are many places on the web from which to upload for free such content as holiday graphics.

In addition, your organization probably already has plenty of material on hand to upload into the Enplug software. This includes company graphics and videos.

Click here to read a post about ideas for creating digital signage content by industry.

7) People won’t pay attention to digital signage

While there is digital content all around us, utilizing engaging content on large TV display screens can cut through much of this clutter.

And for captive audiences waiting in long checkout lines, in hospital emergency rooms, or in employee break rooms, engaging content can be both informative and entertaining.

8) Others in the same industry don’t use this

If others in your industry aren’t yet using modern digital signage, they soon will be. And you certainly would rather be an early adopter than a late adopter. You don’t want your competition outdoing you on engaging with external and internal audiences.

Just like some organizations were late to the social media party, some organizations will be late to the digital signage party. Don’t let one of those Johnny-Come-Latelys be you.

Enplug digital signage can help overcome these or any other objections to digital signage with a free consultation.

Click here to get a free demo of Enplug’s digital signage solutions.