We compiled a list of the best digital platforms and blogs offering expert advice and marketing opportunities for managers in the dental and healthcare industry. Each resource offers support with day-to-day tasks, office management, or marketing goals. (Did we miss something on the list? Let us know in the comments below.)

1. The Healthcare Success Marketing Blog

Healthcare Success is an agency that provides digital marketing services for healthcare offices. They use a blog to share their expertise in their field, which is a great source of free information.

The Healthcare Success Blog regularly publishes posts with helpful internet marketing advice. They also have a library of free webinars and whitepapers related to inbound marketing and attracting online attention. Topics aren’t exclusive to online marketing. The blog also shares articles about patient experience, traditional advertising, and branding — making it a well-rounded offering of marketing and management advice.

2. HealthProfs

When you market a medical facility, you want it to show up to potential clients in as many places as possible. This is why your office should have a presence on

HealthProfs is an online directory that helps patients search by type of doctor and location to find a healthcare facility. Practices and solo practitioners can use the platform to create a public profile. Then, because of the high online authority for HealthProfs, profiles on the site perform very well in search. So if you want new patients to find you via search, creating a profile on HealthProfs will help you get a boost in search engine results, for a small monthly fee.

3. Healtech Magazine

IT and data management are two parts of a healthcare facility that are often difficult to manage. But, Healthtech Magazine makes those areas a little easier to handle.

Powered by the experts at CDW, you can find posts on topics related to big data, analytics, cloud computing, security, and more. In a quickly evolving IT environment, CommunIT can help medical office managers stay up-to-date on latest trends and advancements.

4. Practice Builder’s Resource Center

If you are looking for information more substantial than a blog post, check out the Practice Builder’s Resource Center. The resource center is filled with marketing guides that are helpful for medical office managers who are ready to implement new strategies.

And, because the resources are available in PDF format, they are the perfect for managers who must present marketing plans to decisions makers. This resource also features helpful webinars and blog posts about marketing best practices.

5. The Referral MD Blog

Get tips for attracting more referrals and improving your patient management systems on the Referral MD Blog. Referral MD is a referral management and patient access platform that helps healthcare practices communicate with their patients as well as other providers.

Whether or not you choose to explore their services, you can benefit from their blog. The blog regularly publishes in-depth, detailed posts on a variety of topics from social media marketing and SEO tips to practice management hacks and referral strategies.

6. The Kareo Blog

A large portion of Kareo’s service offerings are related to billing solutions, so they have an active blog that showcases their knowledge on this topic. The Kareo Getting Paid Blog is full of articles that relate to billing processes, as well as tactics and tips for improving revenue.

Helpful posts on medical billing, practice profitability, medical coding, and more helped it become one of 2015’s top Healthcare IT blogs. Kareo also regularly hosts webinars on billing and account management, making it an even more valuable resource for medical office managers.

7. Physician’s Practice

If you are looking for something more than a list of articles to offer support, Physician’s Practice may have you covered.

The website is also a community where members get exclusive content and access to free online CME. Even if you aren’t a member, you can still get free access to a large array of articles covering a wide range of topics from law and malpractice to outsourcing, productivity, and staff pay.

8. The Spectrio Blog

Last but not least, our Spectrio blog is a great resource for dental and healthcare office managers looking to improve office atmosphere, patient satisfaction, and brand loyalty. The Spectrio blog regularly publishes articles on how to use multimedia elements to upgrade a healthcare office and better connect with patients. A few of our popular posts include: 

We’ve even put together a free guide on how to engage patients, whether they’re in your waiting area, exam room, or cafeteria. Get the free guide to see how you can get the right message across, build a better brand perception, and increase revenue.