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We strive to give our customers the highest level of control over their digital signage, while remaining efficiently easy to use. That’s why we are excited about our new Content Scheduling and Social Approval settings.

Control exactly when and where you want content to display. Graphics can be shown at specific times on specific days, allowing you to better target your customers. Also choose which locations you want content to display at, giving you control over your entire network.

With social approval you now have the ability to pre-approve all social feed posts prior to them being displayed.


As soon as you approve a post, it instantly appears on your screen. This acts as another layer of protection along with our automatic profanity filtering options (strict, tolerant, no-filter). Posts can be approved from our mobile app, tablet app, or website.


To turn on social approval for your live social feed, select the “settings” tab from your dashboard. Content scheduling can be completed straight from the graphics app.