ID-100128286One of the most frequently asked questions we get from new clients is about turnaround time for custom on-hold productions. While our normal turnaround time is 4 to 5 business days from script approval, this can vary slightly depending on the season and how busy our studio is, as well as the audio delivery method.

Here’s a little background about our process here at Spectrio, to help you understand why your on-hold audio isn’t finished the minute you approve the script.

Our custom on-hold productions are voiced by humans.

Most of our voice talents work from home studios and we’re not the only company they work for. When we send a new voicing assignment, they have 48 hours to get the script voiced and back to us. Some of them turn voicing around quickly and some take the entire 48 hours.

Our custom on-hold productions are cut and mixed by humans.

We allow a 48 hour buffer in the studio, to allow for any issues that might arise – missing voicing, mispronunciations, scripting questions, emergency situations – as well as for actual production and media creation time.

After the audio is produced, it has to get onto your phone system. The delivery time depends on the type of equipment:

  • Remote load – scheduled immediately or for an overnight load
  • MP3-based – audio file is sent to you immediately and it’s up to you to load audio to equipment
  • VoIP – audio file is sent to you immediately for loading to your phone program
  • CD or cassette – media is sent in the mail; delivery can take up to 5 business days


What happens when we throw the holiday season into the mix?

During the holiday season, we create nearly 50% more productions than we do on an average month. This increase means it usually takes longer for an on-hold production to go out the door, so our turnaround time can be up to 7 business days during the holidays (not including mail/delivery time).



As you can see, there are several variables that can add to the average turnaround time. However, we like to under-promise and over-deliver so don’t be TOO surprised if you get your new on-hold audio a day before you expect it!

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