data on a slide

Google Data Studio is a free, powerful way of combining data from multiple sources into beautiful, shareable dashboards. Once your Google Data Studio dashboards are created, they can easily be displayed on screens in offices using Enplug digital signage.

Some of the top data sources that easily link with Google Data Studio are:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Sheets
  • YouTube
  • Firebase / MySQL / PostgreSQL
  • Many more custom data sources

One of the great features of Google Data Studio is that it’s very quick and easy to create dashboards, and you can even start from pre-built templates. They provide an excellent onboarding guide to help new users get started.

You can customize the data and time frames to show, arrange and format your data, change all the dashboard colors, and add images or text.

There are a few key settings to ensure your dashboards look great on digital signage, which we’ve outlined below. These are in the Layout section on the right side of the Data Studio editor.

  1. Header visibility: Set this to “Auto Hide” so there’s no header on your screen.
  2. Display Mode: Uncheck the “Has Margin” box so the dashboard shows fullscreen.
  3. Canvas Size: This is the most important setting. Set this before you arrange your dashboards! It should be set to “Screen (16:9) – Landscape” or Portrait, depending on your screen.

Once your dashboard is ready to go, click the Share button in the top right. Click “Get Shareable Link” and set the sharing visibility to “On – Anyone with the Link” (you may have to click “More” to see this option). Copy the link and paste it into Enplug’s Webpage App to begin displaying your Google Data Studio Dashboards on your screens!

Here’s a sample Data Studio dashboard that uses sample Adwords data and is formatted for digital signage. You can easily customize it with your own data.

With Enplug, you can display these Google Data Studio dashboards alongside employee recognition, announcements, social media walls, news, and more digital signage content.