letters in a pile with some on the side spelling out news

With our new News in Pictures App, you can keep your audience in-the-know with a hand-picked selection of the latest headlines in sports, celebrity, and general news. Each item is paired with HD photos designed to look great on your digital displays.

News in Photos

Enplug customers can enable this app from the App Market. Setup is simple: Select how long you’d like to show each story, and choose which types of news updates you’d like to show. You can choose to show a combination of Sports, General, and Celebrity items.

From there, you can manage which display groups should show the content. You could show sports and general news on certain screens and celebrity news on others.

News in Photos Setup

The News in Pictures App is free for a limited time. Starting in early 2017, it will become a premium app with a monthly charge per display group.

News in Photos

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