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Adding digital lobby signage in your dental office lobby is an easy way to promote your services and engage your patients both in person and using social media. This article covers 6 dental marketing ideas to help you welcome patients to your office with a more modern, flexible, and attractive digital signage solution.

Here are six dental marketing ideas that use digital signage:

Dentist Office Lobby Digital Signage

1. Engage your patients on social media

Promote your Facebook page and other social media accounts by displaying a social media feed with your posts and updates. You can show live, automatically-filtered content or manually approve each post before it displays. Run a promotion that’s available only to your followers and rack up likes from people who visit your office. You can even show off patients’ smiles by sharing Instagram photos to an Instagram Wall that encourages patients to use your hashtag. You’ll step up the engagement on your social media accounts and reach more potential customers outside your immediate network.

Dentist Office lobby digital signage

2. Show off your glowing Yelp reviews

To impress new visitors (or ease any nervous patients’ worries), try showing off your positive testimonials on your display with a Yelp feed. Anyone who runs a business understands the power of a good testimonial, and you want to give patients every reason to come back to your business. If you don’t have many reviews, ask your regular and long-time patients to help you out—they’ll probably be happy to. The more people who see your glowing reviews, the more they’ll feel inclined to write one of their own.

Dentist Office Lobby Digital Signage

3. Promote your services and dental care tips

With custom graphics, you can display any kind of messaging you want, without the costly expense of paper signage. Advertise your latest promotion or offering, and remind visitors of all the services you provide, including any specialized services. Promote good dental hygiene with tips and advice for keeping teeth and gums healthy. Remind patients to schedule their next appointment with a message like, “Did you know you should get your teeth cleaned every six months? Schedule your next appointment today.” Follow up with a reminder prior to their next visit, and you’ll ensure your patients never miss a routine cleaning.

4. Help patients find their way

Big office? Patients frequently getting lost? Clear up any confusion and display a directory to show patients where to go. With a digital directory in your lobby, it’s easy to update names and room numbers, and it’s especially helpful for offices with multiple practitioners or exam rooms. If patients are constantly confused about where to go, the front desk staff will be thankful to have digital signage software that helps patients navigate on their own.

Dentist Office Lobby Digital Signage

5. Manage expectations

During busy office hours, it’s important to let patients know they’re being taken care of, even if there’s a wait. Use your digital display to update visitors on wait times so they know how long they can expect it to take before they’re seen by the dentist.

Dentist Office Lobby Digital Signage

6. Keep patients informed & entertained

Keep patients entertained while they wait with a modern alternative to office newspapers and magazines. You can use digital signage to keep people informed of the news with Enplug’s News in Pictures app, which displays a hand-picked selection of sports, celebrity, and general news. The Market Tracker app shows the most up-to-date stock market info. (Both of these premium apps are free for a limited time.)

Dentist Digital Signage

These dental marketing ideas are just the beginning. For more ideas on using digital signage in your dental office, check out Enplug’s suite of digital signage content.