Man sitting at the computer and drinking coffee

If you’re like most of the Enplug teammates, your morning starts out with a cup of coffee. Not that you’re addicted or anything, it just helps you perform better. Right? Right. I’m also here to validate your life decisions. Well, did you know that those paper cups you get a Starbucks or even your local coffee shop down the street usually go straight into a landfill?

You, yes you, can help reduce waste by bringing your own mug or thermos to your office/workplace. By refraining from the use of disposable cups, you will help save more trees from being cut down and reduce the amount of CO2 being released into the air. As I’m sure you already know, human-induced CO2 emissions contribute to climate change. Do you want to swim with the polar bears? Maybe some of you weirdos do, but I sure don’t. The long-term consequences of the continued amount of waste our world creates aren’t going to be pretty. Do your part and bring your own mug (and your own dishware) to your office/workplace. Also, try carrying a thermos when you’re on the go. I personally have my own set of reusable utensils that I keep in my purse!

Don’t have your own thermos? No problem. There are tons of environmentally friendly candidates that will keep your drink hot (and protect you from spill).

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