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Digital signage has come a long way since its inception. Now the industry is trending towards integrating the separate components to provide all-in-one options for users. This involves bundling smart displays, mounting, and digital signage content platforms.

Integration is the future of signage partnerships

For 30 years, using digital signage has involved connecting a PC or media player to a TV screen and running content through the media player. While the introduction of cloud-based software and smaller devices has made setup easier, the basic system has remained the same — until now.

Smart displays with their own processors, initially developed for the consumer market, are now powerful and reliable enough for commercial digital signage solutions. In 10 years, we predict that there will be no external digital signage media players.

Enplug is leading this trend by partnering with commercial display manufacturers so that our digital signage product is built into the manufacturers’ smart displays — eliminating the need for a separate media player.

Gone will be the need for companies to have: 1) one vendor for a TV display, 2) another for a mount, 3) another for a digital signage media player, and 4) another for digital signage content. One purchase will provide an installed TV display with integrated software and automated content.

To provide these all-in-one signage systems, Enplug is partnering with several display hardware companies including Philips, ViewSonic, and Peerless-AV.

hardware and software partnerships

Smart display software integration


Enplug now has a partnership with Philips, one of the largest technology solutions providers in the world, to create a turnkey signage system for enterprise users.

Enplug’s digital signage management product is available on Philips’ D-Line professional displays. This makes Philips the largest company to make its smart displays compatible with the industry-leading digital signage software.

Mark Phillips, North America Commercial Director at Philips, said:

We are excited to be working with Enplug to bring powerful and simple digital signage software to Philips customers. The partnership allows businesses to start displaying live and automated content with just a few clicks.

Nanxi Liu, CEO and Co-Founder of Enplug, said:

We are happy to announce that businesses can now use Philips’ commercial displays with Enplug’s digital signage software, eliminating the need for a separate media player. Our partnership with Philips is part of our mission to enable all businesses to have easy-to-implement and effective digital signage.


ViewSonic is pre-loading Enplug into smart displays, creating the first truly plug-and-play signage system. With built-in Enplug software, using ViewSonic displays for digital signage will be as easy as selecting a TV channel.

Bonny Cheng, President of ViewSonic’s Global Products Group, said:

We are excited to be teaming up with Enplug. The collaboration will allow our users to implement Enplug’s digital signage software with a few simple clicks. We look forward to combining our expertise in the display market with such an enterprising digital signage software company.

Display mounting integration


Peerless provides ease of installation and service along with end-users’ goal of ideal residential and commercial applications.

Coming soon: Peerless mounts will be available through the Enplug website.

Digital signage content integration

With the Enplug, one person can manage content across thousands of screens in multiple locations around the globe. Or an unlimited number of users can share local content on an enterprise company’s Enplug-enabled TV display screens.

Ready-to-go content

The easy-to-use Enplug system employs apps to display multiple communications opportunities. Whether you want to use already curated content or create content yourself, both opportunities are always available on the Enplug dashboard. And now with zoning functionality, you can display multiple content streams simultaneously.

External communications

Want to captivate your captive audiences while they wait in line at a check-out counter or wait for a concert to begin?

Use Enplug’s social media wall apps to share hashtagged real-time social media updates. Or use Enplug apps to offer specials at the check-out counters or at the concert venue’s food concessions.

Internal communications

Want to share enterprise company good news with your employees or feature an outstanding employee across multiple locations? Use Enplug apps to display customized content.

Or perhaps you want your franchisees in far-flung locations to know more about each other. Enplug’s digital signage management platform is great for connecting locations.

Enplug App Market

Visit the Enplug App Market to see the digital content options available (with new apps being automatically added).

To learn how Enplug can provide you with easy and powerful digital signage request a free demo now.