With access to more than 1 million fully-licensed songs and custom messaging,
retailers can create customer experiences for one to 100+ stores

Oldsmar, FL
 – August 28, 2017 – Spectrio, an end-to-end technology-enabled company that provides best-in-class audio and video marketing solutions, has launched a revolutionary overhead music (OHM) service with access to more than 1 million fully-licensed songs and the ability to insert custom messages for a highly personalized in-store audio experience. While Spectrio has 25,000 clients using its OHM solution, this new service is a powerful option that gives store owners the ability to target shoppers and drive buying behavior like never before.

Sixty-six percent of customers say in-store messaging influences their purchasing decisions, but until now, retailers have lacked the ability to control their overhead music and messaging in one seamless solution.

Spectrio’s custom music and messaging solution is unlike streaming music products in that it is specifically designed to work independently of a retailer’s in-store network, which eliminates any competition for bandwidth.

What makes Spectrio’s OHM solution so powerful is that it makes mass customization simple, and it allows the retailer to easily track ROI against the playlists created to determine the most successful combinations for future marketing efforts.

For retailers with mass locations in need of a custom solution, Spectrio’s team of location-based marketing consultants can analyze the retailer’s shoppers, their buying behavior throughout the day, as well as the retailer’s competitors.  Based on the findings, Spectrio’s programming team can then create custom-designed playlists of fully-licensed music and allow the store owner to insert highly customized messaging through an online dashboard, to target shoppers at specific times of the day, days of the week, in certain stores, regions and more – much like a radio station creates dayparts to target different listeners.  National messaging can be played across a portfolio of stores, or specific specials can promote a discount in one location only – all controlled from an easy to use dashboard. All clients also have the ability to exclude particular genres, songs, albums or even artists that might not fit the shopper’s profile or the retailer’s brand. The Spectrio solution also ensures competitor advertising will never be heard.

“Spectrio’s unique music and messaging solution is truly revolutionary for our customers in that they have complete control to create a custom in-store marketing experience,” said Aaron Kleinhandler – CEO, Spectrio. “If a 200-location restaurant chain is serving a regional micro-brew in only a handful of stores, with a few mouse clicks they can create the perfect genre of music to match their location and customers and add custom messages to promote that product for only those locations.  We believe this new service, in combination with our extensive national footprint, cements our position as a leading provider of overhead music solutions.”

Spectrio has an extensive library of content, content creators, voice talent and more to create custom messaging to drive buying behavior. The company also will handle product installation and support for customers nationwide.

This new OHM service is part of Spectrio’s current lineup of omni-channel marketing solutions, including digital signage and on hold messaging designed to drive customer behavior and ensure a seamlessly branded and entertaining customer experience. To learn more about all of Spectrio’s solutions, please visit Spectrio.com.

About Spectrio
Spectrio is one of the nation’s leading end-to-end technology-enabled audio and video marketing engagement companies, known for cultivating memorable customer experiences through professional content and managed services on an affordable monthly subscription basis. In business for more than 30 years, Spectrio brings the customer experience to life by providing custom, branded and targeted audio and video marketing solutions — including On-Hold Messaging, Digital Signage, Wayfinding and Overhead Music — to enable clients to engage, educate, and entertain across all customer touch points. For more information, visit www.spectrio.com, follow the company on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn, or call 800.584.4653.

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