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Enplug and Philips

Enplug, the award-winning solution for businesses to manage content on their digital displays, announces a major partnership with Philips (NYSE: PHG), one of the largest technology solutions providers in the world. This partnership gives users a turnkey enterprise digital display solution for a complete smart signage experience.

“We are happy to announce that Philips, one of the largest electronics makers in the world, selected Enplug software to be built into their new displays,” said Nanxi Liu, CEO of Enplug. “Our partnership with Philips is part of our mission to enable all businesses to have easy-to-implement and effective digital signage that increase their sales and productivity.”

Enplug’s top-tier digital signage software will be integrated into Philips’ D-Line professional displays, making Philips the largest company to preload industry-leading signage software into smart displays. With built-in Enplug software, using Philips displays for digital signage will be as simple as selecting a TV channel.

The collaboration will help businesses transform their digital displays into a social and intelligent two-way communications platform in a variety of venues including workplaces, restaurants, retail, hotel lobbies, meeting rooms, and more.

Enplug and Philips

Mark Phillips, North America Commercial Director at Philips, said, “We are excited to be working with Enplug to bring powerful and simple digital signage software to Philips customers. The partnership allows businesses to start displaying live and automated content with just a few clicks.”

The new Philips D line is a 24/7 commercial, Android-based, professional display series ranging in sizes from 32” to 65”. The D-Line boasts a powerful, quad core SOC that can play Android CMS apps, built-in Wi-Fi, and an mPCIe slot for a Bluetooth module. Coupled with the embedded Enplug digital signage software, this display is truly the total package for an out-of-the-box, complete digital signage.

Enplug’s content management system is cloud-based, which allows businesses to remotely manage their displays. Users can choose the automated content they want to show from Enplug’s App Market for Displays. With the industry’s widest variety of content, Enplug enables social media walls, live news, metrics dashboards, sports scores, weather forecasts, traffic conditions, meeting calendars, and custom webpage content.

To get started with Enplug or learn more about our Philips display partnership, request more information here.