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With the ability to add unlimited users and displays, Enplug’s design makes it easy for enterprise and multi-location businesses to create interactive digital signage. Yet, for most of our clients, managing their screens is a team effort. From a single IT specialist to a marketing team or even hundreds of franchise managers, many employees invest their time in making a brand’s visual content successful and engaging. That’s why we’ve introduced new user permissions to the Enplug platform.


More detailed user permissions make it easier for teams to manage screens.


Introducing User Permissions

With our latest update, Enplug end users can now set permissions on a user-by-user basis direct from the dashboard. The ability to set access based on your specific needs makes it easier than ever for your team to collaborate on digital display management.

The new user permissions fall into two categories:

  • Account Permissions include the ability to modify display groups, users and billing settings.
  • Display Group Permissions limit user access to specific display groups and restrict the ability to manage apps, displays and devices.


Account-based user permissions user interface
Set account and display group permissions from your dashboard.


Default User Permission Settings

By default, users have full display group and account permissions. However, the administrator can now enable more granular control. Just turn off individual settings or limit access to specific display groups and apps when creating or editing users. If the “Limit Access” option is selected, a dialog box will open. This box shows the list of display groups or apps available for assignment.


User permissions window for display groups
Limit the display groups or apps your users can access.


We built Enplug as a solution that scales as your business grows. We also know that delegation is part of growth.  So, the next time you’re adding a new member to your team and want to delegate some, but not all of your digital display management, take advantage of user permissions to tailor employee access.