Merger creates efficiencies for clients and builds Spectrio operations in the Midwest

Tampa, Fla. – September 4, 2018 Spectrio, one of the nation’s leading providers of in-store marketing solutions powered by content and technology, announced today that it has merged with Minneapolis-based Voice Solutions, a woman-owned, sensory marketing service company founded in 2004. The merger will increase Spectrio’s in-store marketing footprint throughout North America and expand the Company’s sales and operations teams in the Midwest.

Spectrio’s current clients receive turnkey equipment, installation, programming, and creative content development as well as the ability to customize timing, format, and marketing messages to help drive customer behavior.  With the merger, Voice Solutions clients will benefit from the use of Spectrio’s proprietary in-store marketing technologies as well as the added efficiency of having an in-house production and technical support staff. They will also be able to enlist Spectrio’s internal creative team to produce custom content for their current in-store marketing.

“Over the years, both Spectrio and Voice Solutions have been dedicated to helping our clients enhance their consumer engagement and ultimately grow their businesses,” said Ron Merritt, CRO of Spectrio. “This merger allows us to expand our sales and operations teams, adding years of experience and more in-store marketing experts to our organization.”

Spectrio serves clients from local businesses to large brands, seamlessly unifying online marketing experiences and in-person brand experiences with content and technology. Spectrio’s in-store marketing technologies include Digital Signage, Wi-Fi Marketing, as well as In-Store Music and Marketing, and On-Hold Marketing – all designed to drive consumer behavior.

About Spectrio

Spectrio is one of the nation’s leading providers of in-store marketing solutions powered by content and technology. Known for cultivating highly engaging consumer experiences through powerful, professionally produced content, Spectrio’s four major technology solutions are: Digital Signage, Overhead Music and Messaging, On-Hold Marketing and Wi-Fi Marketing. Spectrio serves more than 67,000 locations, ranging from individually owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Founded in 1986, Spectrio has acquired more than 25 businesses throughout its history, evolving and diversifying its portfolio of services to remain a leader in the industry. For more information, visit

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