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In-store technology is no longer something reserved for only high-end, extravagant businesses. Fast casual restaurants, auto shops, mall retail stores, and every business in between can now embrace in-store technology using interactive touchscreens.  

Interactive touchscreens exist as stand-alone kiosks, wall-mounted screens, or tablet-sized devices, and serve as a tool for empowering customers to control the experiences they have in a store or restaurant.

Interactive Touchscreens Are Loved by Customers

As the demand for customers to have experiences continues to grow, interactive touchscreens allow businesses to give customers what they want.

Touchscreens are fun, engaging, and captivating. They help shoppers and customers connect more deeply with a brand, guide customers through their purchase process, and create memorable moments.

This is why the interactive digital display market is expected to grow to a $14.96 billion industry by 2020.

They’re Loved by Businesses Too

Interactive digital signage is also a quickly growing market because it is useful and powerful for businesses, too. Businesses can use screens to capture contact information, share messages, and build lasting connections with customers.

Plus, using having interactive screens in a business sends a powerful message to customers. It tells them your brand is forward-thinking and committed to using the best tools and technology to serve your customers — which helps you both stand out from and keep up with competitors.

So if your business wants to elevate customer experience while providing benefits to your business, here are a few ways you can embrace interactive touchscreen technology.

Ways to Use Interactive Touchscreens

Each business will have different ways to leverage interactive touchscreens based on their target audience, objectives, and type of business, so the following list includes starter ideas for how you can embrace this technology.

Businesses can set up interactive touchscreens so customers can use them in the following ways.

Browse Menus & Catalogs: Customers and shoppers are accustomed to using digital devices to shop. So bring that technology into your store by offering customers interactive touchscreens that can help them browse your catalogs and menus.

Demo Products: For products or services that are difficult to explain, you can use digital signage that allows customers to watch product demos or instructional videos. Also, you can enable customers to browse content about how the product works and see results or final products.

Place Orders: From kiosk-style stands to table-side tablets, interactive touchscreens can put the power to place an order right in your customer’s’ hands. While this ordering style seems natural in a restaurant setting, also remember that you can utilize it in retail settings too. Screens can enable customers to place orders for large items or for items that aren’t in-stock in the store.

Register for Loyalty Programs: If you offer a customer rewards program, get more people to sign up by promoting it on interactive screens. Customers can quickly and easily learn about and sign up for your program on their own time while in your store.

Retrieve Coupons: Coupons are an excellent incentive for capturing customer contact information. Use your digital signage to promote offers that customers can access by entering their email address or phone number. This process is also a good incentive to get customers to join your loyalty program.

Sign Up for Contests: Another way to collect customer contact information is by running a contest and using your sign to promote participation. Feature giveaways on your touchscreen (because it’s interactive, you can include more than one prize that customer can choose from), and require customer contact information for them to be eligible to win.

Play Games: Screens don’t have to be all about business. They can also be fun by including games that customers play to pass the time or connect more with your brand. Branded games are fun for audiences and also help create deeper brand recognition and awareness.

Watch Content: Screens can also entertain audiences by enabling them to choose content they want to watch. Fill your interactive screen with content that is relevant to your target audience, industry, or business and then give your customer control over what they watch.

Play In-store Music: Interactive touchscreens can even allow your customers to completely adjust the setting in your location. Create an in-store jukebox by connecting your screens to your overhead music and give customers control over the songs playing in your location.  

These are just a few ideas for how you can use interactive screens in a store or restaurant. Use your imagination to develop experiences you think your customers will enjoy, and it’s likely you will able to execute your idea with this flexible and powerful technology.

Bring Interactive Touchscreens to Your Business

Touchscreens offer customers something they want and need, and it serves your business. It’s a technology that is showing up in more and more businesses. So don’t get left behind by failing to leverage this fun and engaging technology.  

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