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As you look around your salon, you likely see content customers relaxing as they receive their treatments. You already do everything in your power to create a positive experience when people walk through the door, but there’s one thing you might be missing — free customer WiFi.

WiFi marketing for spas and salons is a small step that business owners can take to increase customer engagement during the pampering experience. WiFi can make customers more patient while they wait, it can encourage them to share your brand and website, and it can increase the chances that they return.

Here are few ways to use WiFi marketing for spas and salons to serve customers and your marketing initiatives.

Help Your Stylists Know What Customers Want

If you offer specific styling services, like haircuts, nail treatments, and eyebrow waxing, your customers may have a clear idea of what they want — but have a hard time explaining it to their stylist. This can be a problem when your staff members give customers looks they don’t want and might not even like.

Free WiFi makes it easy for customers to find the style they want your team to recreate. They can hop on their phones quickly and pull up what they want, or you can equip your staff members with tablets to use as a way to find references.

This makes your team seem more professional as you are prepared to make recommendations while increasing the chances that your customers get the looks they want.

Increase Customer Patience While Waiting

Whether you have a busy line of customers looking for treatment or are simply taking a few minutes to prepare a room, customers typically spend at least a few minutes waiting when they visit your salon or spa. This might not seem like a long time for you, but your customers are growing steadily impatient and looking for distractions before they are called.

Americans check their smartphones once every 12 minutes on average, which adds up to more than 80 times per day.

By the time they park, walk through your door, check in, and sit down to wait for their treatment, it’s time to check their phone. Are you going to make it easy for them to check their devices, or leave them feeling impatient and unsatisfied without WiFi access?

Studies have found that customers stay in restaurants longer when they have WiFi access. The time passes faster but the diners don’t notice it. The same applies to your salon or spa. Even if your customers are waiting for five to 10 minutes, it will likely feel like a shorter time if they are engrossed in social media, texts, and news stories on their phones.

Grow Your Email Marketing List

Not only can offering free customer WiFi in spas and salons improve the customer experience, but it can also help businesses in the long run.

When customers sign on to your WiFi, they will be directed to a custom landing page featuring your branding. You can do whatever you want with this page to engage customers and promote your brand. Some companies promote sales and seasonal spa packages, while others encourage their fans to follow them on social media.

One option that you can consider with your WiFi marketing landing page is a signup form for customers to receive email blasts or text alerts from your salon. This way you can grow your email list any time someone visits your location and uses your services. Or, you can set your system to require an email address to access the free WiFi and build your list that way.

Get More Customers to Engage with Your Social Profiles

Social media is incredibly visual. Studies have found that tweets with images have 150% more retweets than those without. Plus, posts with images on Facebook have 2.3x the engagement than those without.

Either way, the takeaway is the same: images make or break social media content.

This is great news for salon and spa marketing departments. Whether your guests are relaxing with a paraffin wax foot treatment or choosing a new color to dye their hair, you can encourage them to snap photos and share the results with their friends.

  • Make sure people tag your business or check in when they share their latest new hairstyle or unique nail designs.
  • Host contests each month with prizes for the most shared and commented photo.
  • Create challenges for customers to take photos showing off their new hair style or nails in various locations around town or completing certain activities.
  • Offer discounts for customers who check-in or use your hashtag online.

With the right ideas, you can get creative with how you encourage customers to engage with your brand, but every online engagement starts with one step: enabling your customers to get online by using your free in-salon WiFi.

Access Data That Lets You Learn About Your Customers

While your customers will be happy with the free WiFi you offer, you will also be able to reap the benefits of analytics based on user behavior. Through WiFi marketing, you can access analytics that tell you who visits your salon, how long they stay on average, and what they need from your business. Do you have customers that want at quick service during the bustle of the day? Offer a 30-minute lunch break treatment.

You can learn from your customers through the free WiFi you offer so you can tailor your services to their needs.

Many people don’t realize the analytics they have at their fingertips when they offer free customer WiFi in their location. The insights are richer, deeper, and more valuable than most business owners know. If you learn about your customers and their needs, then you can grow your sales through better marketing and services.

Learn More About WiFi Marketing for Spas and Salons

WiFi marketing for spas and salons will cause small differences within your business, but these changes add up. You will start to notice more patient customers, higher levels of engagement on social media, and more customers coming back to your salon for repeat visits.

If you are looking to improve your salon or spa using free customer WiFi and other in-store marketing tactics, check out our free eBook: The Ultimate Guide to In-Store Marketing. It shares dozens of ways you can make small changes in your salon to both improve customer experience and increase revenue.