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For this week’s installment of Story Behind the Song, our partners at What’s In-Store Music take us Behind the Song featuring Margo Rey’s take on “Windmills Of Your Mind.”

“Windmills Of Your Mind is one of those melodies you think you know, until you actually start to learn and play it; and then, there are the lyrics- wow! When I chose it for my new album, The Roots Of Rey, I thought, “What beauty of a puzzle have I gotten myself into?”. The cyclical and infectious melody, written by composer, Michelle Le Grand, coupled with the elegantly haunting lyrics of one of the most prolific songwriting duos of our time, Marilyn and Alan Bergman is so lilting, uplifting and deeply profound, I would bet it was created just to delight and confuse musicians. I had the privilege of being chosen by Marilyn and Alan to work for them when I first moved to LA on a show they created called “Like Jazz”. It was an unforgettable experience that I will always cherish. They were so kind and supportive, I’m honored to present to the world my rendition of Windmills as a Latin-Jazz “Guaguancó” arrangement by none other than, multi-Grammy winning, Latin-Jazz composer, Oscar Hernandez, as my homage to them. In my arrangement, the intonation of circles and spirals reminds us of the locomotion of life’s love-induced head trips, when “images unwind in the windmills of your mind”. Windmills is not old enough to be held in the Great American Songbook, but I believe it should be. I thank you for getting lost in the enjoyment of it.”


Margo Rey

“Windmills Of Your Mind” can be heard at many of your favorite places, thanks to Spectrio and What’s In-Store Music. Take a listen here and let us know when you hear it in-store!