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How to Use a White Label Digital Signage Software Solution to Grow Your Business

Too many responsibilities, too little time. Chances are that statement describes your work week, no matter what industry you’re in. If you’re an AV or IT systems professional, you can be responsible for portable sound systems, digital signage software, network cabling and even smart thermostats. As a service provider, you have to stay current on a spectacularly vast range of technologies and new business cases.

But, if you’re one of the 30% of Americans who feel that they have too much work to do it well, keeping up is a challenge.  So, how do you remain an expert on everything your clients could possibly need? That’s where white label signage solutions come in.

White labeled signage dashboard on a laptop
The Country Nomad, a travel lifestyle company, is looking to use Enplug and take advantage of white labeling.

What is a White Labeled Solution?

In essence, white labeling is the practice of legally branding another company’s product as your own.  Do you think the supermarket’s brand of cereal tastes just as good as the one advertised on TV?  It’s possible that they’re the same product, only packaged and sold under a private label with a different name and logo.

Since research and development costs can pose a high barrier to entry for creating a solution for scratch, white labeling is a common practice for vendors to expand their offerings with robust software and hardware technology solutions. Depending on the context, white label buyers might sell the product externally, or use in internally as a large enterprise solution.

A systems integrator showing clients how to use a custom branded dashboard
White label digital signage makes it easy for systems integrators and AV professionals to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

How Does White Label Digital Signage Software Work?

Digital signage might be the core component of a systems integration project, or it could be just part.  Either way, white label features make it easier to create a custom branded digital signage platform that will keep your business name top-of-mind with clients.

The key feature of white labeling is the ability to put your brand name and logo on the product. For digital signage, this happens in the dashboard where clients manage their content and, in some cases, networks.

What Are the Benefits of Using a White Labeled Digital Signage Software Product?

Scale your services.  As a white label reseller, you can add more services to your rate card with less time spent administering the experience.

Lower your Costs. Being a specialist in everything can come at heavy overhead costs. Since private label pricing is normally based on the provider offering you a turnkey product at a discounted rate, you save on development and more.

Look like a genius with your customers. If you find the right white label software, you get all the glory of a high-quality solution in less time. Instead of spending years to develop expertise, you gain it almost over night.

Digital screen showing example of white labeled content for The Country Nomad
The Country Nomad using white labeling services in one of their offices in the USA.

4 Types of Questions to Ask When Choosing a White Label Partner

Security: What is your process for preventing security vulnerabilities? Get peace of mind by working with a partner who has a clearly documented approach to identifying and resolving any potential security vulnerabilities.

Scalability: What steps are involved in adding or removing displays once my client’s project has launched?  If your client is ready to grow their digital signage project even further, you’ll want to make it easy for them to do more business with you.

Reliability: What happens if the Wifi connection goes out? At the end of the day, a screen that’s down means money lost for both you and your clients. Prepare for the unexpected by asking if a screen will go dark or if it will show cached content.

Partnership Experience: Does your potential white label partner have previous experience working with professionals in your field? Digital signage partners who have experience with resellers are more likely to know how to create and maintain a beneficial business relationship.

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