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Want to know the story behind some of the songs you hear while you’re out shopping or at a restaurant? Our partners at What’s In-Store Music take us Behind the Song featuring the song “‘Til The Light Guides Me Home” from William Duvall’s very first solo album, called “One Alone”.

“‘Til The Light Guides Me Home” is about moving on past bad times, owning your mistakes, and allowing yourself to be guided back to what’s really important in life. Too often we’re our own worst enemy, our own biggest obstacle to the things and people we most want and need. This song is about seeing your way past that.”

“‘Til The Light Guides Me Home” can be heard at many of your favorite places, thanks to Spectrio and What’s In-Store Music, and you take a listen to the song here. It is also currently #28 on our Allaccess.com chart!